common. is an exceptional cafe with very friendly staff.

Kissa Kishin

A stylish new cafe, hotel and Japanese high quality goods shop located in East Kyoto.

汽 [ki:]

Restaurant Ki is a stylish Lebanese restaurant in Kyoto.

Okashi Tsukuru

Okashi Tsukuru has a stylish interior, absolutely delicious food and the service is wonderful, which makes this a highly recommended café.


Located in the center of a bustling Kyoto city is ‘SICOU’, a tiny special café and antique shop with a lovely rustic style interior.

Jam Jar – Lounge & Inn

Jam Jar Lounge & Inn is a cozy little cafe and guesthouse located in a renovated machiya run by a friendly Melbourne native.

Lower East Nine cafe

To the South of Kyoto station and on a walking distance from Tofukuji temple sits ‘Lower East Nine’ café a spacious and stylish café.


Located in one of the oldest cities of Japan. is this modern-style cafe called Chami, a bit out of place but not in a bad way.

Knot Market Place

Knot Market Place is a new stylish café located in Nakatsu area that is already extremely popular.

Blend Kyoto

‘Blend Kyoto’ is a new stylish coffee-specialty shop with an interesting concept and owner near Kyoto Gyoen National Park.


A lovely Japanese style cafe that serves amazing lunch near Kintetsu-Nara station


Brass is stylish café located near world heritage site Kinkakuji and Kitano Tenmangu shrine.


Nova is a quiet modern Japanese style cafe, located between Minami Morimachi and Temmabashi station.

Bread, Espresso and Arashiyama Garden

What is better than eating bread? Well, eating bread in a beautiful Japanese garden.


On a walking distance from Tanimachi line’s Tanimachi Kyuuchome Station is Mitomi, a tiny little cafe/shop that sells delicious and fancy Monakas.

Amairo Cafe Taiyaki

Hidden in a narrow alley near Karasuma station is this cute and delicious taiyaki cafe.

Ocha Ohana Montblanc

A stylish little Japanese sweets shop in the middle of Ibaraki city.

Ha Ra

This stylish little cafe is called ‘Ha Ra’ and is located 5 minutes on foot from Demachiyanagi Station.


Yugen is a tiny cafe hidden in the backstreets of Kawaramachi and serves one of the best houjicha and matcha lattes in Kyoto.