Ocha Ohana Montblanc, Osaka


Ocha Ohana Montblanc. In English, Tea, Flower, Montblanc, is the concept of this small and stylish café in Ibaraki, Osaka. 

The café is located along a quiet street on a 5 minute walk from Hankyuu Ibaraki station and features a stylish minimal concrete design and has a bouquet of dried flowers hanging next to the café sign.

Ocha Ohana Montblanc is a two-story café with the order-counter and ‘art’ space on the ground-floor and the café and seating area on the second floor.

Like the exterior, the interior has a minimal design with concrete flooring and concrete walls. Bouquets of dry flowers are sparsely decorated here and there. On the ground floor near the entrance hangs Ocha Ohana’s prominent round mirror with a wooden stool that has a Japanese vase and flowers on top, which creates the impression of a small gallery.

To go to the seating area upstairs you will have to take of your shoes.

Going up a steep narrow staircase you will enter the café-space with a few low tables and ‘Zabuton’. A zabuton is a Japanese cushion, generally used when sitting on the floor.

The ceiling is completely covered with colorful dry flowers hanging from a metal grid, which gives the seating area a cozy atmosphere.

The menu offers a variety of Japanese teas like “Matcha, Sencha, Houjicha, Gyokuro etc”.

But the main attraction of this cafe is of course their Waguri (Japanese Chestnut) Montblanc desserts. 

Mont Blanc is a dessert of sweetened chestnut purée in the form of spaghetti, that is shaped as a mountain (hence Mont Blanc).

The combination of  tea or ‘bitter’ coffee in contrast with  sweet Mont Blanc is fantastic.

Combine that with a peaceful atmosphere and you will have a really  pleasant experience.

Special Point 1

Stylish interior.

Special Point 2

Delicious Japanese tea and sweets.

Special Point 3

Calm atmosphere.

Access to Ocha Ohana Montblanc

Opening hours: 12:00〜16:00
Holidays*: Random
Nearest Station(s) & Exit:

Hankyuu Kyoto Line – Ibaraki Station, East Exit. See map below

*We always recommend checking the opening hours & holidays on the official website or instagram of the establishment.

Access from Hankyuu Ibaraki Station

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