Must visit coffeeshops in Kyoto

MUST visit Coffeeshops in Kyoto Visiting Kyoto? Looking for a great place to get delicious coffee? Here is my shortlist of MUST Visit coff

Closed Cafes Archive

A list of cafes that are closed but wanted to keep archived.

Pet friendly cafes in Kansai

List of pet friendly cafes in the Kansai area.


Lovely rustic Japanese cafe in the Kyoto countryside.

The Best Pizza Places in Kansai

A list of some of the best pizza places in Kansai area.


common. is an exceptional cafe with very friendly staff.

The best cafes to study or work from in Kyoto

We’ve rounded up some of the best cafes to study or get some work done in Kyoto.

Japanese cafes

A list of traditional Japanese kyomachiya, kominka, nagaya, sentou renovated into cafes.

Dongree Books & Story cafe

Dongree Books and Story cafe is a cozy cafe located in Shiga prefecture

Kaikado Cafe

A better look at Kaikado Cafe in Kyoto.


A guide to some of the Japanese architecture and interior design terminology you will find on this website.

Kissa Kishin

A stylish new cafe, hotel and Japanese high quality goods shop located in East Kyoto.


A kyomachi renovated into a beautiful ramenshop called ‘Sugari’

Best cafes for breakfast in Kansai

A list of cafes in the Kansai area that serve breakfast.


Saganoyu is a lovely cafe located in Arashiyama area.

Hopout #3 – Nakazakicho, Osaka

Welcome to our third HopOut! This time we will be visiting a hip area in Osaka called Nakazakicho.

Best lunch cafes in Kyoto

A list of best places to have lunch in Kyoto.

Cafes with English speaking staff in Kansai

A list of cafes in Kansai area with English speaking staff. 関西にある英語が話せるスタッフがいるカフェ。

oito 喫茶

Oito is a lovely Japanese style cafe & guesthouse located in the Tamba-Sasayama area.

Sarasa Nishijin

A former public bathhouse turned into cafe Sarasa Nishijin is a must visit.