Pet friendly cafes in Kansai

List of pet friendly cafes in the Kansai area.

The Best Pizza Places in Kansai

A list of some of the best pizza places in Kansai area.

The best cafes to study or work from in Kyoto

We’ve rounded up some of the best cafes to study or get some work done in Kyoto.

Japanese cafes

A list of traditional Japanese kyomachiya, kominka, nagaya, sentou renovated into cafes.

Best cafes for breakfast in Kansai

A list of cafes in the Kansai area that serve breakfast.

Hopout #3 – Nakazakicho, Osaka

Welcome to our third HopOut! This time we will be visiting a hip area in Osaka called Nakazakicho.

Best lunch cafes in Kyoto

A list of best places to have lunch in Kyoto.

Cafes with English speaking staff in Kansai

A list of cafes in Kansai area with English speaking staff. 関西にある英語が話せるスタッフがいるカフェ。

Wheelchair friendly cafes Osaka

Our selection of wheelchair friendly cafes in Osaka.

Wheelchair friendly cafes in Kyoto

Here is our guide to wheelchair friendly cafes in Kyoto.

Hopout #2 – Fushimi Inari, Kyoto

In this HopOut we will be visiting Fushimi Inari area in Kyoto.

Best Autumn cafes in Kansai

Looking for cafes where you can enjoy the beautiful Autumn season? We got you covered.

The Best Cafes to Study or Work From in Osaka

We’ve rounded up some of the best cafes to study or get some work done in Osaka.大阪で仕事や勉強が出来るカフェの一覧

Hopout #1 – Nakatsu, Osaka

Nakatsu is a lovely area that is often overlooked by travelers.

Best terrace cafes in Kansai area

When the weather is good one of the more pleasurable things in life is to enjoy a nice drink or a delicious lunch outside in the open, on a terrace.

Best ice-cream in Kansai area

Summer is almost here so what better way to cool down than with some delicious ice-cream. Here is our guide.

Early morning cafes in Kyoto

Hey early bird, here is our early morning café guide for Kyoto.

Early morning cafes in Osaka

Are you an early bird? Don’t fret, we have your early early morning cafes in Osaka.

Cafes with Cherryblossom view

Cafes in Kansai area that have a nice view over cherryblossoms.