The Best Cafes to Study or Work From in Osaka


Last updated: 2023/01/03

Are you tired of working at the office or from home and want to get some work done or study while drinking a nice cup of coffee? Well, fret not, we have rounded up all the best places in Osaka where you can study or get some work done. 


Brooklyn Roasting Company Namba

  • Nankai Line - Namba Station
  • 10:00 - 20:00, SAT&SUN 08:00 - 20:00

Amenities: Wifi, Electrical Outlet

&Island, Kitahama



Open Now

Amenities: Wifi, Electrical Outlet

Brooklyn Roasting Company, Kitahama

  • Sakaisuji Line - Kitahama Station
  • MON ~ FRI 08:00 AM - 20:00 PM, SAT&SUN 08:00 AM - 19:00 PM

Located in the Kitahama area is the extremely trendy Brooklyn Roasting Company. The café opens early (one of the earliest of this list) at 08 AM but due to its popularity fills up with customers quite quickly.

The café offers wifi as well as electrical outlets to charge your devices.

Brooklyn Roasting Company Kitahama offers many different types of coffees (espresso, macchiato, cortado, drip etc) as well as tea, ginger-ale or cocoa. They also sell a variety of sweets (donuts, cake, canelés, cinnamon rolls and donuts) and even delicious sandwiches. 

Amenities: Electrical Outlets, Wifi

SOT Coffee Roaster, Temmabashi


SOT Coffee Roaster is spacious cafe located near Temmabashi station with a Scandinavian style interior design. 

From the outside it looks like the cafe only has a standing counter but behind the stairs is a passage that leads to the seating area in the back.

The seating area is spacious with a large table in the center, a counter with sockets to charge your devices, two standard tables and even sofa seats for small meeting. Its and ideal cafe for studying or getting some work done.

Amenities: Electrical Outlets, Wifi

Sanwa Coffee Works, Tenjinbashi-6Chome


On a 5 minute walk from Tenjinbashi Rokuchome station in a quiet neighborhood is ‘Sanwa Coffee Works’ cafe, roaster and shop.  Sanwa Coffee works is a spacious 2 story cafe that also sells coffee and coffee related products.

The first floor of the cafe has a cafe area and shop in the front and in the back of the cafe are the order counter and stairs that lead to the 2nd floor. On the second floor is another café area and the roastery that is separated by glass windows. Both large tables on the 1st and 2nd floor have electrical outlets for your devices.

The menu at Sanwa Coffee Works is pretty big, besides the obvious large variety of coffees they also serve breakfast, hotdogs, baguettes and a variety of sweets including a trademark pudding.

Amenities: Electrical Outlets, Wifi

Saturdays NYC, Shinsaibashi


Saturdays Surf New York or Saturdays New York as the original shop is called is a combination of a surfing apparel shop and a trendy cafe located between Shinsaibashi and Yotsubashi. Originated in New York, it currently counts 9 shops globally with 5 in Japan, 2 in the States and 3 in Australia.

The Shinsaibashi cafe has a spacious and minimal modern interior with a long hardwood table that spans half the shop. An ideal place to get your work done, although it has no electrical outlets. Those however can be found on the square bench on the left side of the café.

Amenities: Electrical Outlets, Wifi

Granknot Coffee, Yotsubashi



Open Now

Located in the popular Yotsubashi district right next to Shinsaibashi, is cafe and coffee specialty shop ‘Granknot Coffee’. 

The cafe has two large tables in the back to study or to do some work. 

Besides coffee, Granknot sells delicious freshly baked sweets from West Wood Bakers in the nearby Shinsaibashi district.

The shop also sells it’s own brand of coffee. So this is definitely the perfect place for coffee lovers.

Amenities: Wifi

life’s coffee stand, Yotsubashi

‘Life’s coffee stand’ is a stylish cafe located on the second floor of a clothing store in the middle of Yotsubashi area.

It’s very spacious shop with plenty of seats. The counter seats along the window have electrical outlets to charge your devices. 

The interior is completely white and has a modern, industrial design. Their furniture consists of variety of different design pieces, including metal ekati chairs, eames chairs and even some iconic leather butterfly chairs.

Amenities: Electrical Outlets

CUE Workspace, Yotsubashi

  • Yotsubashi Line - Yotsubashi Station
  • 09:00 AM - 22:00 PM, SAT 10:00 AM - 18:00 PM
  • Closed: Sunday

Located on a 5 minute walk from Yotsubashi station is CUE Workspace, a spacious café and co-working space.

The café is hidden behind a white wall with plants that serves as a barrier from the passing cars as well as adding privacy to the customers inside the cafe. CUE has a stylish contemporary interior design with a beautiful herringbone wood floor and art on displayed throughout the cafe.

The coffee and sweets at CUE workspace come from Granknot Coffee and a refill is only 200 yen, a pretty good deal.

Behind soundproof glass sliding doors in the back of the café is a private members-only workspace area that can be used upon payment. It costs 550 yen an hour and comes with high speed Nuro internet and electric outlets for your devices. You can also pay daily with is 2200 yen.

Payments can only be made electronically or by cards, they don’t accept cash so that might be a little troublesome.

Amenities (members only): Electrical Outlets, Wifi

Brooklyn Roasting Company Kishiwada


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