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Hi! My name is Giuliano and I live in Osaka, Japan since 2008 – I was born in Alkmaar, Netherlands to an Italian father and a Dutch mother.
I moved to Japan to pursue a career in design  and currently work at a Japanese company related to interior and exterior design. 
I started Taste of Kansai just for fun back in 2017 under a different name. However, in 2021, I made the decision to enhance the quality and completely rebuild the brand to what Taste of Kansai is now. 
Japan is home to over tens of thousand cafes and eateries so it can be quite challenging to find the right spot that serves your needs. That’s where Taste Of Kansai comes in. I decided to launch Taste of Kansai to make searching for a specific café or restaurant a little easier as well as besides coffee or food focus on the interior, exterior design or atmosphere. 
On this website I try my best to analyze and describe the interiors of the cafes, but please bear with me as interior design is simply one of my passions and I haven’t completed any formal education in this field. I do this for fun and at the same time I hope it will help or inform you. 


Taste of Kansai is one of the largest curated café databases as well as online magazine with café-hopping itineraries and outings focused on the Kansai area in Japan. 
Currently our database holds more than 300 entries over 5 cities (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Shiga and Nara) and can be narrowed down to one of the many particulars e.g. (wheelchair access, child-friendly, organic, suitable for study/work, and many more.
The focus is heavily on the interior design and atmosphere of the café so we made it possible for users to narrow the cafes down by interior design style e.g: (rustic, cozy, modern, industrial, etc).
If you have a café, bar or restaurant or an interesting activity in the Kansai area that you would like to submit, please contact me by instagram. 
If you have any questions about café-hopping or looking for a more personal tailored café-hopping itinerary please feel free to contact me at tasteofkansai[at]gmail.com
Enjoy your Japanese café-hopping tour.

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