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Sanwa Coffee Works



On a 5 minute walk from Tenjinbashi Rokuchome station in a quiet neighborhood is ‘Sanwa Coffee Works’, a café, roaster and shop in one. The cafe is run by Nishikawa Takashi and is the 3rd generation owner.

Takashi's grandfather opened Sanwa Cafe, originally called "Sanwa Kissa," in 1959. It was a small cafe with only 13 seats, intended for people who worked at Tenma Market and wanted to relax. In 1975, the cafe was taken over by the second generation, Takashi's father. During that period, the cafe expanded with two new branches, one in Higobashi and another in Tenma. However, due to Doutor's expansion, running a cafe became challenging, so they closed two branches and focused on the current one in the Tenma area. The mixed juice, which has been a staple item since the inception of Sanwa Kissa, is still sold at the current cafe today. In 2010, the cafe was taken over by Nishikawa Takashi himself, who subsequently renamed it Sanwa Coffee Works, with a primary emphasis on coffee roasting. After a challenging beginning and considerable effort, the cafe eventually gained recognition, achieving 5th place in the 2017 coffee bean roasting competition and improving to 4th place in 2019.

Sanwa Coffee Works is a spacious cafe spanning two floors, serving not only as a café but also as a coffee roastery and a shop for coffee-related merchandise. The ground floor of the café has a seating area and a large shelve with coffee, beans and other goods for sale in the front and the order counter and stairs that lead to the 2nd floor in the back. On the second floor is another seating area and the roastery that is separated by a glass partition.

The menu at Sanwa Coffee Works has a variety of options ranging from coffee to soft drinks and of course its signature mix juice. Besides drinks they also serve breakfast, hotdogs, baguettes and a variety of sweets including a trademark pudding and even seasonal items.

Sanwa Coffee is located conveniently near the station, very spacious, opens relatively early in the morning and has a large menu which makes it a great place to stop by for delicious coffee and food.

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天神橋筋六丁目駅から徒歩で5分ぐらいのところに、おしゃれなカフェ「サンワ・コーヒー ワークス」のカフェ、焙煎所とお店があります。カフェは3代目店主の西川貴史さんに営まれています。


サンワ コーヒー ワークスは2階建ての広いカフェですが、コーヒー、焙煎所とコーヒー商品の販売もしています。カフェの1階はカフェエレアと商品販売エレアになります。奥にはレジと2階までにあがる階段があります。2階にも一つのカフェエレアとガラス張りで区切ってる焙煎所があります。

サンワ コーヒー ワークスのメニューは豊富で、もちろん様々のコーヒーから選ばれますしソフトドリンクもあります。食品には朝ご飯、ホットドッグ、バゲットと様々なスイーツもあります。サンワ コーヒー ワークスのオリジナルプリンもあります。





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Sakaisuji Line - Tenjinbashi-6-chome Station

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