Best terrace cafes in Kansai area

When the weather is good one of the more pleasurable things in life is to enjoy a nice drink or a delicious lunch outside in the open, on a terrace.

Unlike European countries (e.g. Netherlands or France) Japan might not really have a terrace culture per se, however there are still a few exceptions here and there. Below is our list of recommended cafes that have a nice terrace. 


Sandwich Parlour 47, Kitahama


On a 5 minute walk from Kitahama Station is a nice little sandwich cafe called ‘Sandwich Parlour 47’ that’s situated right along the river with a terrace that has a view over Nakanoshima island. The terrace is great because even if it rains or if the sun shines, they have a canopy so you can enjoy sitting outside comfortably.

Sandwich Parlour 47 sells various delicious sandwich plates that cost about 1200 yen that come with a side of delicious fried potato wedges. Many of the sandwiches use ingredients from other prefectures (Hokkaido sour cream avocado dip salmon sandwich, Akita Prefecture smoked radish pickles with potato salad and grilled mackerel sandwich, etc), sounds amazing right? Well it is!

Its a great place to relax and enjoy absolutely delicious sandwiches while enjoying the view over Nakanoshima.

&Island, Yodoyabashi



Closed Now

&ISLAND is a large casual cafe with an industrial style interior.

The cafe has ‘four’ seating areas, the main and largest area is in the front of the cafe with usual tables and chairs, then in the back is the sofa area and a large table area and last but not least is the terrace area with a view over the Tosahori river.

&ISLAND has a large menu, you can enjoy simple sweets or even have a hearty lunch or dinner. One of their more popular and instagrammable items are their ‘FROIDS’(kind of smoothies) that come in 3 different flavors.

Farmer's Kitchen, Ibaraki


Farmer’s Kitchen

Closed Now
  • Osaka Monorail - Saito-Nishi Station
  • MON ~ FRI 10:00 AM ~ 17:00 PM, SAT & SUN 10:00 AM ~ 18:00 PM 

Located in the mountain area of Saito Nishi in north Osaka, Farmer’s Kitchen is a very nice and comfortable café where plants are the central theme. The café is surrounded by large plant and flower shops that have a broad selection of greens and gardening tools for in and around your home.

The café itself is very spacious and is divided in 3 sections, 1 inside and two out side terraces, with one of the terraces right next to a kids playground making it ideal for a family outing.

Brooklyn Roasting Company, Kitahama

  • Sakaisuji Line - Kitahama Station
  • MON ~ FRI 08:00 AM - 20:00 PM, SAT&SUN 08:00 AM - 19:00 PM

Brooklyn Roasting Company is an extremely popular cafe located along the Nakanoshima river in Kitahama, Osaka.

Originating from Brooklyn New York, the Brooklyn Roasting Company was founded in 2010. Shortly after, the Kitahama store in Osaka, Japan opened its doors in 2012. The cafe shares its space with a small trendy flower-shop.

The interior of the shop is in the style of a Brooklyn warehouse and has an outside terrace with a nice view over Nakanoshima river and Nakanoshima island. Perfect to spend your time when the temperatures are in the two digits.

&Island, Nakanoshima


&Island Nakanoshima

Closed Now

&Island Nakanoshima is &Islands second branch and more elaborate with a floating terrace right in front of the cafe. It has good food, nice atmosphere, spacious and a nice view over the water.


Patisserie Tooth Tooth Seaside Cafe, Sumaurakoen


Right in front of Sumaurakoen Station in Hyogo is the lovely terrace café ‘Patisserie Tooth Tooth SeasideCafe’ one of Tooth Tooth’s 13 branches and the only one located right next to Osaka bay.

The café is located next to a small park and a cable car that brings you to the top of Hachibuse mountain and its Revolving Observation Tower & Amusement Centre.

Patisserie Tooth Tooth SeasideCafe is a nice terrace café with a lovely view over the ocean that offers delicious food and sweets.

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