Welcome to Tamba-Sasayama, a small but picturesque village in the North of Hyogo prefecture, home to 40000 people and famous for it’s historic Sasayama castle ruins and Tamba pottery. It’s on a roughly 1 hour drive from Kobe or Osaka or a one hour train ride (Tokaido Sanyo Line or Tozai-Gakkentoshi Line) from central Osaka.


 On a five minute walk from Sasayama Castle ruins is Kawaramachi street, another one of the main attractions in Sasayama. It’s a 700 m long street with beautiful historical shops and cafes located along either side of the road.

篠山城跡から徒歩5分のところに、篠山のもうひとつの有名な観光スポット、河原町通りがあります。 道路の両側に美しい歴史的なショップやカフェが並ぶ700メートルの長さの通りです。ここの街並みとても素敵です。

Also located along the Kawaramachi Street is ‘Oito’, a beautifully renovated kominka turned café and guesthouse. Oito opened it’s doors in May of 2021. The building Oito is housed in is more than 220 years old and has had a variety of owners in the past. Before Oito it used to be a shoe shop that specializes in geta (traditional Japanese footwear resembling flip-flops. A kind of sandal, geta have a flat wooden base elevated with up to three (though commonly two) “teeth”.)

河原町通り沿いには、美しく改装されたカフェ兼ゲストハウス「oito」があります。 oitoは2021年5月にオープンしましたが築220年以上の建物です。過去にさまざまなオーナーがいまして、以前は、下駄の専門店でした。

Similar to the other buildings along the Kawaramachi street, the exterior of Oito is mostly white with a dark wood window and door sill on the ground floor. The roof and a canopy are using typical Japanese rooftiles. On the left of the façade is a beautiful glass display case extension with a single chair on display. The entrance are the two sliding doors in the middle of the façade.

河原町通りにある他の建物と同様に、oitoの外観はほとんど白で、1階の窓と扉のサッシュはダークウッドで構成されて、屋根と庇には日本の瓦が使われています。 ファサードの左側には、1つの椅子が展示されている美しいガラスのディスプレイケースがあります。 入り口はファサードの真ん中にある2つの引き戸です。

The interior of the café is deep and spacious with a retro look and feel. There is a seating area near the entrance, behind that you will find the kitchen and behind the kitchen is another seating area with a lovely view over the inner courtyard in the back of the café.

カフェのインテリアは深く広々としていて、レトロな雰囲気があります。 エントランスの近くにはシーティングエリアがあり、その後ろにはキッチンがあり、キッチンの後ろにはまたシーティングエリアとその奥に素敵な中庭のがあります。

Most of the furniture, except for some peculiar leather chairs, a console table and maybe a stool are antiques including stickback chairs and , bow back chairs with the main material for the furniture, kitchen and the support beams inside the cafe consisting of natural dark wood. That in combination of the natural light gives the café a cozy atmosphere.


Most of the walls have been renovated, but the walls in front of the kitchen and in the corridor in the back are still some of the original sandwalls, some slightly deformed due to aging.


There is an atrium right in front of the kitchen and a small corridor that leads to the back of the café with another seating and artdisplay room and the toilets.


Between the seating area and the inner garden is a raised platform with antique sliding doors with beautiful frosted glass above which is a ranma (transom, an often elaborate wooden carving above the door) with a partial kumikozaiku decoration.

シーティングエリアと中庭の間には、美しいすりガラスが施されたアンティークの引き戸が付いたプラットフォームがあり、その上には一部 組子細工で飾れている欄間があります。

Oito has a simple menu with coffee (ice-coffee, cafe aulait 600 yen or Vienna coffee) that are available in light, medium and dark roast blends as well as cocoa, apple juice, orange juice and milk for the non coffee drinkers. For food the cafe offers a morning set, a cake set, french toast or a thick sliced toast with a variety of toppings.

Oitoのメニューはシンプルで、コーヒー(アイスコーヒー、カフェオーライト600円、ウィーンコーヒー)はライト、ミディアム、ダークローストのブレンドがあります。コーヒーが飲めない方のためにココア、アップルジュース、オレンジジュース、ミルクもあります。 食事には、モーニングセット、ケーキセット、フレンチトースト、または様々なトッピングの厚切りトーストがあります。シンプルでとても美味しいなメニューです。

  • ice-coffee 500 yen
  • cafe aulait 600 yen
  • Vienna coffee 600 yen
  • Cocoa 600 yen
  • Cake set w/ drink 800 yen
  • Morning set w/ drink 700 yen

All the food and drinks come served with beautiful Japanese style ceramics.


Besides a café, Oito also serves as a guesthouse and has two rooms. The stairs in the front of the entrance lead to oito’s guest rooms upstairs. We don’t have photos of the guestrooms but you can get a glimpse of the lovely rooms on their official website.

カフェだけでなく、Oitoもゲストハウスになってます。部屋は二つがあります。 部屋はカフェの入口の右にある階段でアクセスが出来ます。客室の写真はありませんが、公式サイトで素敵なお部屋の写真が見えます。

Café & guesthouse Oito and it’s surrounding Tamba-Sasayama area are a must visit and make for a lovely outing.



Hours: Mon – Fri 09:00 ~ 17:00, Sat/Sun 09:00 ~ 20:00

Closed*: Wednesday

Nearest Stations & Exit:

Busstop Honsasayama #(篠山営業所行) See map below

*We always recommend checking the opening hours & holidays on the official website or instagram of the establishment.
Hours: Mon - Fri 09:00 ~ 17:00, Sat/Sun 09:00 ~ 20:00
Closed*: Wednesday
Nearest Stations & Exit:

Busstop Honsasayama #(篠山営業所行)  See map below

*We always recommend checking the opening hours & holidays on the official website or instagram of the establishment.


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