Yugen is a small and stylish café hidden in the backstreets of Kawaramachi area and serves one of the best houjicha and matcha lattes in Kyoto.

It’s located on a 10 minute walking distance from the nearest exit of  Kawaramachi Station and is quite easy to find with is yellow exterior standing out from the brown wooden neighboring buildings.

The café has a typical Japanese style exterior with a latticework window and noren (small Japanese shop curtains) above the entrance.

Once you step through the noren you will enter the tiny patio and seating area with on the left the door to the cafe itself. 

The interior itself is a stylish modern Japanese interior that combines  massive concrete order-counter and massive concrete standing table with wooden shelves and a wooden counter near the window. 

Ordering your drinks happens at the counter. You can select the sweetness of the drink and after you placed your order and then the staff will prepare the drink in front of you. They will gladly have their pictures taken (of course, do ask them nicely).

Besides drinks, Yugen also sells one type of  Japanese sweets which changes daily.

Next to the concrete standing counter they also have some shelves displaying a variety of items that they sell, which include matcha, sencha and even some tableware.

Yugen really is a must visit for Houjicha latte and Matcha latte lovers as well as people who love a stylish interior. 

Special Point 1

Stylish interior and exterior.

Special Point 2

Best Houjicha latte and Matcha latte in Kyoto.

Special Point 3

Very friendly staff.

Access to Yugen

Hours: 11:00〜19:00
Closed*: None
Nearest Stations & Exit:

Hankyuu Kyoto Line – Kawaramachi Station, Exit #11. See map below

*We always recommend checking the opening hours & holidays on the official website or instagram of the establishment.

Access to Yugen

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