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Located in Nakatsu (N6) area is ‘Knot Market Place’, a newly opened and already extremely popular bakery, café, store and even gallery, renovated by Knot21 who is also behind the design for Guts Coffee.

The café is situated inside a renovated car parts factory which is still visible in the interior design, as some elements, like the heavy steel I-beams hanging from the ceiling have been left untouched during the renovation. 

Knot Market Place’s concept is Knot21’s idea to revitalize the N6 Nakatsu6chome (#6 district) and put it on the map like it’s sister districts Tenjinbashi6chome and Tanimachi6Chome and connecting people.

Knot Market Place is on a 10 minute walking distance from Hankyu Nakatsu station and is easily recognizable as it stands out from the neighboring buildings with its massive teal colored exterior. 

Besides the teal color, the exterior has a modern style with neon light elements on both the front and side of the building.


Knot Market Place is a two-story café with an extremely spacious interior. On the ground floor you can find the kitchen, café area, a common goods shop in the corner and the takeout window. On the second floor is another café area and a gallery. 

The interior of the café is a combination of multiple interior styles that include industrial, modern and rustic interior design. 

The café area on the ground floor has an extremely large and thick cherry-wood tabletop placed on stacks of pellets in the center with a large plant on top of the table and large factory pendant lights hanging above the table. The table is surrounded by various antique wooden chairs all with different designs. The rest of the ambient light is provided by long tube lights on the ceiling. Since the cafe was a renovated car-parts factory, some of the elements have been left untouched, like the I-beams hangin from the ceiling, some of the beams are covered with dry flowers to give the café a warmer atmosphere. 

On the groundfloor are also counter seats facing the kitchen and two smaller tables with wooden pallets for seats.

In the back of the café are windows that separate the café from the factory floor of the laminating company The Guts. 

The café on the second floor is accessible by the metal staircase on the left side of the café, near the entrance.

The second floor has a simpler interior with white walls and antique furniture all around. The main attraction on the second floor however is the gallery/artwork on the wall right in front of you when you arrive upstairs. It’s an elaborate artpiece made by famous fashion designer and art director Aguri Sagimori, using more than 1000 square pieces of different materials surrounding 3 monochrome photos.


Knot Market Place has a big menu that offers a variety of foods and drinks that differ for lunch and dinner. For lunch you can choose from 3 main plates of which one is a daily special, a pastrami beef sandwich or a tuna melt sandwich plate. 

Besides lunch plates they also sell a variety of sweets including donuts, scones and tarts.

From 02 PM, you can also order ala carte.  

This is a sample of a daily special plate which is a bagel with meatballs and caponata, grilled vegetables, pickled vegetables, some salad, soup and last but not least some yoghurt. A proper lunch plate.

Besides eat in there is also the option for take-out, where you have a wide choice of sweets. Glaced donuts, strawberry donuts, cinnamon rolls, scones etc etc. 


On the ground-floor next to the café is also a small goods shop tucked below stairs that sells a variety of goods from accessories, tableware, foods and even foldable paper toys.

The shop has some interesting items for sale. Among these items are soup monakas, small Japanese cookies that you can put in hot water that melt into soup. Another interesting item is the foldable paper toy trucks and machines that come in 8 different kinds, which not only kids but even adults will love.

But the items that really stand out are the beautiful flat ‘Aras’ plates that are said to be difficult to break and have a wrinkle like pattern embed in it. These make for lovely dinner plates. 

Knot Market Place is a spacious café with a nice atmosphere and friendly staff. They have a big and varied menu with fantastic food.  

Special Point 1

Extremely spacious.

Special Point 2

Fantastic food and lot's of choice.

Special Point 3

Friendly staff.

Access to Knot Market Place

Hours: 11:00 ~ 22:00

Closed*: Wednesdays

Nearest Stations & Exit:

Hankyuu Line, Nakatsu Station, West Exit. See maps below

Hours: 11:00 ~ 22:00
Closed*: Wednesdays
Nearest Stations & Exit:

Hankyuu Line, Nakatsu Station, West Exit See maps below

*We always recommend checking the opening hours & holidays on the official website or instagram of the establishment.

Access from Nakatsu Station, West Exit

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