Dongree Books & Story cafe

Dongree Books and Story cafe is a cozy cafe located in Shiga prefecture

Kissa Kishin

A stylish new cafe, hotel and Japanese high quality goods shop located in East Kyoto.


Saganoyu is a lovely cafe located in Arashiyama area.

Best lunch cafes in Kyoto

A list of best places to have lunch in Kyoto.

Jam Jar – Lounge & Inn

Jam Jar Lounge & Inn is a cozy little cafe and guesthouse located in a renovated machiya run by a friendly Melbourne native.

Lower East Nine cafe

To the South of Kyoto station and on a walking distance from Tofukuji temple sits ‘Lower East Nine’ café a spacious and stylish café.

Knot Market Place

Knot Market Place is a new stylish café located in Nakatsu area that is already extremely popular.

Ha Ra

This stylish little cafe is called ‘Ha Ra’ and is located 5 minutes on foot from Demachiyanagi Station.