Welcome to Brass, a relatively new café located on the ground floor of the ‘Eat Lives Hotel’ in North-West Kyoto.

It’s conveniently located on a walking distance from world heritage site Kinkakuji ‘The Golden Pavilion’ and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine as well as Randen line’s Kitanohakbaicho Station.

It’s easily recognizable by its stylish chalk white exterior with the big black letters “BRASS / coffee” on the canopy. 

The exterior has beautiful wooden elements. 

Brass has a dual meaning as it comes from ‘brass band’ hence the trumpet logo. Brass is also one of the materials used for details (lamp fixtures, logo on exterior, etc) in and around the café. 


On one of the windows next to the entrance is a holiday schedule where each month the staff circles the days when the café is closed. It’s a nice unique way of showing the holidays.

Upon entering the café you will first see the the shop/order counter on your left and a small little shelf with products that you can buy on the right.

After you ordered lunch you’ll walk to the back of the café where you have a wide selection of seats. There are two main café areas as well as benches in the connecting hallway and a bench outside in a covered aisle next to the café. 

Both café areas have a different style interior with the one in the front having a modern, minimal style interior with just simple white walls and one large concrete dining table in the middle with eight chairs.

The room in the back has a more cozy, farmhouse style interior. The walls are cream white with a pale blue beadboard paneling. The room is decorated with dried flowers and brass lighting here and there. 

The furniture is a combination of leather sofa, velvet covered stools and marble tables. This room also has a long wooden counter at the window side with natural wood chairs. 

Brass’s menu has a wide variety options that range from quiche, tacorice, pasta to sweets like strawberry croissant, strawberry tarts, parfaits and scones. 

For their quiche plate you can choose from two different kinds of quiche: ‘potato, shrimp and black olives or sweet potato, lotus root and pork’. 

The plate comes with a side of salad, egg salad and bruschetta. 

The quiche plate also comes with spring cabbage and seasonal onion potage soup which tastes as it looks, absolutely delicious.

Brass is a new cafe but it promises to be very popular due to the location, near World heritage site Golden Pavilion and Kitano Tenmangu shrine and their delicious menu. 

Special Point 1


Special Point 2

Great food

Special Point 3

Stylish Interior

Access to Brass


Weekdays 10:00 ~ 19:00

Weekends 11:00 ~ 20:00

Closed*: Tuesday

Nearest Stations & Exit:

Randen Line, Kitanohakubaicho Station, Main Exit See maps below


Weekdays 10:00 ~ 19:00

Weekends 11:00 ~ 20:00

Closed*: Tuesday
Nearest Stations & Exit:

Randen Line, Kitanohakubaicho Station, Main Exit See maps below

*We always recommend checking the opening hours & holidays on the official website or instagram of the establishment.

Access from Kitanohakubaicho Station, Main Exit

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