9 borden coffee

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Right between Osakako Station and Osaka Aquarium is the conveniently located ‘9 Borden coffee’.  9 Borden is a stylish and spacious café that was designed by ‘Standard Co.ltd’ interior, one of our favorite interior design agencies.

The interior is a combination of industrial design with some rustic elements, consisting mostly of raw materials like concrete and wood. The concrete interior combined with the plants and the lovely wood furniture (bowback and stickback chairs) give the café a lovely warm atmosphere.

The origin of the name 9borden comes from the sharehouse where the owner’s wife was living in Canada when they met. If you look carefully in the back of the café, you can see a panorama of the '9 borden street' on the back wall.

For food they sell a variety of sandwiches and delicious sweets. They also offer a huge variety of coffees, from pour-overs to lattes, espresso, americano and more. For the non-coffee drinks among us fret not, they also have various softdrinks and an extremely delicious houjicha latte.

The owner and staff are friendly and are all able to speaks English so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation.

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中央線大阪港駅と大阪海遊館のちょうど真ん中ぐらいの便利な場所に「ナインボーデン コーヒー」があります。ナインボーデンコーヒーのインテリアは広くて「Standard Co.Ltd」というデザイン会社にデザインされていますがとてもスタイリッシュなインテリアになってます。








Contact Information

3 Chome-7-15 Chikko, Minato Ward, Osaka, 552-0021
Social Information
Business Hours
07:30 - 18:00


Nearest Station
Chuo Line - Osakako Station

Business Hour
Open Now

  • Monday
    07:30 am - 06:00 pm
  • Tuesday
    07:30 am - 06:00 pm
  • Wednesday
    07:30 am - 06:00 pm
  • Thursday
    07:30 am - 06:00 pm
  • Friday
    07:30 am - 06:00 pm
  • Saturday
    07:30 am - 06:00 pm
  • Sunday
    07:30 am - 06:00 pm