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On a 5 minute walk from Esaka station is ‘Triproom’, a lovely café located in front of Esaka Park that opened its doors in November 2020. It's situated on the first floor above a clothing shop run by the same company that owns the café. It's building can instantly be recognized by its bright white exterior and symmetrical design. There are two doors in the middle of the building with the door on the left leading to trip room.

Up the stairs on your left you will enter a bright and spacious interior that is completely white with beautiful wooden furniture and an abundance of plants. The interior is extremely spacious which gives customers a lot of breathing space as well as a little 'privacy' from other customers.

Trip room has a total of eight tables of which four are in the middle of the room with four chairs each, the other four tables are next to the windows with each two chairs and have a view over the park in front of the cafe. The furniture consists of shaker furniture and handmade furniture. The kitchen-counter, tables, chairs, doors, shelving and guardrail have all been order made by Okawa furniture artisans. The side tables, chest, lamp, clock, oval boxes, etc are all shaker furniture imported from the States and assembled in Japan. The café has large windows, that let in a lot of light. That in combination with the white interior, the wood furniture and the lovely green plants give the space a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The windows face Esaka park which if you visit during cherry blossom season will give you a lovely view over the cherryblossom trees. Even though the café is front of a park with a kids playground, kids are not allowed inside the café to maintain a peaceful ambiance.

The menu of trip room has quite a large variety of food and drinks. Food includes lunch plates like 'chicken curry, tomato cream curry, bean curry, tacorice or a soupplate'. For sweets they have 'baked cheesecake, carrotcake, bananacake, orangecake or sakuramochi icecream. Hungry yet? For drinks they of course have coffee which includes some of their own blends (trip room Guatemala blend, trip room Ethiopia blend or mandarin blend). They also have chai, mango lassi (if you order a tacorice a small glass of mango lassi will be included), juices and a cream soda.

Triproom is a lovely café to relax and eat great food, the staff is very friendly and it has a great atmosphere as well as a nice view outside, trip room is a must visit.

*Taking photos is not allowed inside. We received special permission for taking photos. 

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階段を上ると、左側にとても広々とした真っ白の部屋で美しい木製の家具と多くの植物で飾られている明いインテリアになります。 とても広いので動きやすいし、他のお客様が少し離れて多少プライバシーもあります。

カフェの店内にはテーブルは8つがあり、4つは部屋の真ん中に配置され、各テーブルに椅子は4つついてます。他の4つのテーブルは窓側に配置され、各テーブルに椅子2つがついてます。どのテーブルからでも外の景色が見えますが、もちろん窓側の席の方が綺麗に見えます。家具はシェーカー家具と手作りの家具で構成されています。キッチンカウンター、テーブル、イス、トビラ、タナ、ランカンなどはTRIP ROOMのために大川の家具職人で製作されたオーダー家具です。サイドテーブル、チェスト、ランプ、トケイ、オーバルボックスなどはシェーカージャパンがアメリカのシェーカーワークショップからキットで輸入されて日本で組み立てれた家具です。








Contact Information

3 Chome-34-22 Tarumicho, Suita, Osaka 564-0062
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Business Hours
11:30 - 16:00
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Closed: Monday


Nearest Station
Midosuji Line - Esaka Station

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  • Monday Closed
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    11:30 am - 04:00 pm
  • Wednesday
    11:30 am - 04:00 pm
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    11:30 am - 04:00 pm
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    11:30 am - 04:00 pm
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    11:30 am - 04:00 pm
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