% ARABICA Kyoto Higashiyama

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% ARABICA Kyoto Higashiyama



"See the world through coffee"

Welcome to '% Arabica Kyoto Higashiyama', the home one of the world's most renowned coffee brands with currently 109 shops in over 18 countries and is expanding to more in the near future. The shop is located in the lovely Higashiyama district famous for Kiyomizu Dera, Yasaka Pagoda and off course the beautiful historical Japanese streets and shops in the surrounding area.

% Arabica Kyoto Higashiyama is the flagship store that opened in 2014. The brand quickly rose to global fame for its excellent quality and for the shop's unique and gorgeous interior and exterior design. The shop in Kyoto (one of 3) has been planned and designed by amazing Japanese architecture studio 'Puddle' who also designed some of the other %Arabica shops in other countries as well as many other beautiful cafes, shops and residences.

The café has a full glass façade that curbs inward at the entrance and gives a panoramic view of the entire interior. The floor outside is simple pavement with an edge of white pebbles that separates the shop from the street. The pavement continues inside the shop with a beautiful smooth terrazzo coffee counter that runs all the way into the back of the café with a few counter seats. On the right side of the café is a large glass case displaying bags of coffee beans. In the back of the café is the roastery area surrounded by walls and ceiling completely covered by red brown cedar wood paneling.

% Arabica offers espresso based and drip based coffee, which either have a single origin or blend option. Besides coffee they also have Matcha Latte, lemonade or water, but of course you come to Arabica for the coffee! OR the interior design.

If you are a coffee fan and are in Higashiyama, % Arabica is the MUST place to grab a cup of coffee and then explore the surrounding area.

Designed by: Puddle inc.

封建時代の歴史にあふれている京都の東山エリアの中心に、世界遺産の清水寺、八坂の塔、素敵な封建時代の街並みに囲まれている世界トップレベルなコーヒーブランド「% Arabica」の旗艦店があります。

お店は2014年にオープンして、高品質のコーヒーとカフェのスタイリッシュと特徴な空間デザインでどんどん有名になった。京都に% Arabicaの3店「東山、大丸河原町店と嵐山」があり、全店は日本の素晴らしい建築会社「Studio Puddle」で設計されました。Puddleは海外にあるいくつかのArabica店舗を設計しました。



東山のエリアの近くにいるとき、コーヒーや空間デザイン大好きなら% Arabicaが非常におすすめです。

設計: Puddle inc.




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87-5 Hoshinocho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, 605-0853
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09:00 AM - 17:00 PM


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Keihan Line - Gion-Shijo

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