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RIFIFI studio



This hidden gem is called 'Rififi studio' and is located in a quiet alley on a short walking distance from Kitanohakubaicho station. The café is run by a French chef and his wife and used to be a kimono factory until they took it over and renovated it into a café. You can still see some of the remnants of a sewing machine in the foundation.

Rififi comes from an old French word that is antiquated and roughly translates to 'ruckus'. The image is like a Chaplin fight which means it’s a fight but it has still humor in it.

The café is a little difficult to find since googlemaps doesn't show the proper directions. To find it you will have to walk along Tenjin-street until you arrive at a hairsalon called 'Lapis'. In front of the hairsalon is the entrance to the alley that leads to Rififi which can be found near the end of the alley on the right. From the outside it doesn't look like the usual café, look for a big wooden spoon and you will have found the place.

Inside you will find a very spacious but cozy interior with a high ceiling that is 'divided' in two parts by a beautiful natural wood counter. On the left side is an open space with a cozy and rustic corner with a table and two benches, shelf and chair on the side and a djbooth in the back. On the right side of the cafe is a raised seating area with 3 tables. Most of the space has been left intact after the renovation except for the raised area with the kitchen and the toilet.

The menu consists of a morning menu or a lunch menu and will be explained in person by the chef as well as the available drinks. The plate in the photos is the morning plate which consists of the following: walnuts all wheat bread, cumin focaccia, and chirimen sansho (dried sardines and Japanese peppercorn) cheese small bread. All the bread are made with natural yeast only. The salads are "carrots cauliflower celery and almonds marinated in lemon and cumin" and "beetroots with walnuts and mandarin dressing".  Then green humus with carrots and turnip leaves and broccoli with lemon juice and salt.  All accompanied by a delicious kabocha, coconutmilk ginger soup. The food is absolutely fantastic.

Rififi studio is a lovely cozy café with friendly staff and amazing food. Heavily recommended.
















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152-25, Ichijo street, Onmae street, Nishiiru sagaru Shimotate-cho, Kamigyo district, Kyoto, 602-8372
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Fri, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 18:00
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CLosed: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


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Randen Line - Kitanohakubaicho Station

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  • Monday Closed
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    10:00 am - 06:00 pm
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    10:00 am - 06:00 pm
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