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On a 10 minute walk from Hankyu Kyoto Line’s Karasuma station is 'Okaffe Roasting Park' a new café of the Okaffe brand and it's third shop (after 'Okaffe Kyoto' and sweets shop 'Amagami'). It’s run by Japan 2008/2009 barista champion Okada Akihiro who opened his first shop 'Okaffe Kyoto' in 2016.

Okaffe Roasting Park is situated in a former woodwork shop/storage which is evident in the interior and exterior design of the café which consist mostly of wood. The café has an order counter, shop and roaster located on the ground floor inside the building and a major seating area on the first floor 'outside', however both the cafe and the seating area are situated under a massive canopy with corrugated metal roofing. The design of the café and seating area consists of a mix of beautiful natural hard wood and other types of wood. Especially the hardwood tables and the backsplash behind the order counter are beautiful.

The building itself has a traditional Japanese style facade but inside the shop has a modern interior design mixed with retro elements. The outdoor space has a lovely outdoor style design with various seating, including a bench that looks down on the cafe and a interesting looking corner bench that consists of layered wooden boards. Thanks to the large canopy customers can also enjoy sitting outdoors when it rains or snows (albeit a bit chilly).

The menu has a wide selection of coffee (cold brew, hand drip coffee, today's coffee and cafe latte (550 yen) which comes with beautiful latte art by head barista Keita Sawami. There is also a selection of delicious sweets (canele, butter sand, tarte au cafe and seasonal tarte) from their Amagami sweets store. You can take out or eat in. Eating in your order will be placed on a lovely wooden tray but be careful picking up the tray as it has a hole cut out for the cup of coffee and if you are clumsy like me, you might not realize it immediately and almost spill coffee. Hold it with two hands!

Okaffe Roasting Park is a lovely café with nice outdoor seating, great coffee, delicious sweets and friendly staff that can both speak English and is very hospitable. It's is a great new addition to Kyoto's coffee scene and will definitely be very popular.

阪急京都線の烏丸駅から徒歩10分ぐらいに、オカフェブランドの新しい店舗「オカフェローストパーク」があり、3番目の店舗(「オカフェ京都」とスイーツショップ「アマガミ」)です。 2008/2009年ジャパンバリスタチャンピオンシップを優勝した岡田明弘さんが2016年に1号店「オカフェ京都」をオープンしました。

Okaffe Roasting Parkは、元々木工店/倉庫でしたが、カフェのインテリアと外観はほとんど木造で構成されています。カフェは、建物内の1階に注文カウンター、ショップ、焙煎所があり、外にある二階にお客席スペースがあります。カフェと座席エリアはどちらも、大きな波板の屋根ついてる庇の下に設置されています。カフェとシーティングエリアのデザインは、美しい無垢材と他の木材に構成されています。特に無垢材の天板とオーダーカウンターの後ろにある壁のデザインはとてもスタイリッシュです。



Okaffe Roasting Parkは、素敵なアウトドアシーティング、美味しいコーヒー、美味しいスイーツと英語ペラペラでフレンドリーなスタッフがいる素敵なカフェです。また京都に良いカフェが出来てます。


Contact Information

〒600-8451 Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, Kameyacho, 51
Social Information
Business Hours
10:00 - 17:00
Closed on
Closed: Wednesday, Thursday


Nearest Station
Hankyu Kyoto Line - Karasuma Station

Business Hour
Closed Now

  • Monday
    10:00 am - 05:00 pm
  • Tuesday
    10:00 am - 05:00 pm
  • Wednesday Closed
  • Thursday Closed
  • Friday
    10:00 am - 05:00 pm
  • Saturday
    10:00 am - 05:00 pm
  • Sunday
    10:00 am - 05:00 pm