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'Nichi Cafe', located in the small town of Kami-Katsura on the outskirts of Arashiyama Kyoto, is undeniably one of the most popular cafes in the area. Although a reservation is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as even on weekdays, the cafe is fully occupied within a mere five minutes of opening.

Having opened its doors in October 2021, 'Nichi Cafe' can be found on the ground floor of an apartment building along a bustling four-lane road. The cafe boasts large windows that offer a clear view of its stylish interior, making for an inviting atmosphere from the outside.
Inside you will find a stylish interior that combines modern style with rustic elements. Beautiful wooden tables and chairs consisting of ( stick back chairs and bow back chairs). There are 2 x four person tables, 2 x two person tables, a narrow counter table near the entrance and a comfortable sofa corner.
Yukiko Taketani, the owner of 'Nichi Cafe', has close relatives with different food allergies. This inspired her to create a cafe that caters to people with specific dietary restrictions so that they too can enjoy eating out. To achieve this, the cafe uses fresh vegetables sourced locally from Ayabe farm or Sakanotochuu's organic produce store ( They offer a healthy, organic lunch and sweets menu that is particularly suitable for those on a plant-based diet.
The menu consists of a Nichi plate (a lunch plate consisting of 8 to 10 various healthy side dishes using seasonal vegetables. Depending on your selection you can also choose between various breads and two types of rice), a quiche plate (a plate plentiful fresh vegetables and delicious quiche using local ingredients), a roastbeef bentou (comes with seasonal vegetables) and a plantbase glutenfree scone and muffin plate (scone and muffin are made with rice-flour and also come with seasonal vegetables). There is also a kids lunch.
In case you have any allergies or inquiries regarding the menu, the friendly staff at 'Nichi Cafe' are always available to provide assistance. With its stylish interior and delicious healthy cuisine, 'Nichi Cafe' is a must-visit spot that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Be sure to make a reservation beforehand to secure your spot at this popular café.
京都・嵐山郊外の上桂という小さな町にある「nichi cafe」は、間違いなくこのエリアで最も人気なカフェです。 予約制ではありませんが、平日でも開店5分で満席になる可能性が高いのでおすすめです。
「Nichi Cafe」の店主・竹谷由紀子さんには、家族に食物アレルギーを持つ方がいる。 そんな思いから、食事制限のある方にも外食を楽しめるカフェを作ろうと思いました。これを実現するために、カフェでは綾部農園や坂の中の無農薬野菜販売店(から地元で採れた新鮮な野菜を使用しています。 プラントベースの食生活をされている方に特に、ヘルシーでオーガニックなランチとスイーツのメニューを提供しています。
メニューは、Nichiプレート(旬の野菜を使ったヘルシーな副菜8~10品のランチプレート。お好みでパン各種とライス2種類から選ばれます)、キッシュプレート(出来たて野菜たっぷりのプレート)で構成されています。 野菜と地元の食材を使った美味しいキッシュ)、ローストビーフ弁当(季節の野菜付き)、プラントベースのグルテンフリースコーンとマフィンのプレート(スコーンとマフィンは米粉で作られ、季節の野菜も付いています)。 お子様ランチもあります。
アレルギーやメニューに気になった場合、お伺いしたいことがあれば、Nichi Cafeのフレンドリーなスタッフにいつでも相談が出来ます。スタイリッシュな店内とヘルシーな料理が魅力の「Nichi Cafe」はとてもおすすめなお店です。人気のカフェなので、予約した方がおすすめです。


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〒615-8223 Kyoto, Nishikyo Ward, Kamikatsura Maedacho, 21-4 1F
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11:00 - 18:00
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Closed: Monday


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Hankyu Arashiyama Line - Kamikatsura Station

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