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Liten Coffee


Located on a short walk from JR Tokaido-Sanyo Line - Higashi Kakogawa Station is the stylish cafe  "Liten Coffee". Opened in June 2022, the cafe sits on the ground floor of a small office building in a relatively quiet neighborhood across from a large parking area. The cafe itself offers parking space for two cars in front of the cafe.

The cafe has a stylish exterior with a mortar wall and lovely middle brown color cedar wood door and window frame with brass elements and a large glass window decorated with beautiful brass colored lettering. The facade sits under a canopy of which the bottom is covered with similar cedar wood boards. Inside you will find a spacious and stylish interior that continues with mainly mortar walls except for the wall to the right of the entrance consisting of vertical wooden cedar boards continuing the style from the exterior. That seating consists of a comfortable sofa corner in the back, four tables for two along the wall to the right which comes with a long comfortable corduroy bench and counter seats near the entrance for three.

Liten Coffee's specialty coffee is ordered from "Matsumoto Coffee" in Kobe City which is used for their drip coffee and can be chosen in Light, Medium or Bitter variations. They also have cold brew, espresso (americano, tonic, cafe latte (550 yen), white mocha) and cafe au lait. Besides coffee they also serve tea, fresh honki juice and even beer. The cafe has a morning and lunch menu where customers can choose from a variety of plates including pasta, curry or azuki beans and butter croissant. For sweets they serve various cakes and ice cream but their signature item is their croffle, which is a delicious waffle, topped with red bean paste, butter and a side of whipcream although there are also other variations available.

Liten Coffee is a stylish cafe with friendly staff in the Kakogawa area that serves delicious coffee and sweets.

JR東海道山陽線、東加古川駅から徒歩5分ぐらいにスタイリッシュなカフェ「Liten Coffee」があります。2022年6月にオープンして、小さなオフィスビルの1階に位置してます。カフェの前に2台のための駐車場があります。


Liten Coffeeのスペシャルティコーヒーは神戸市の「マツモトコーヒー」から取り寄せたドリップコーヒーで、ライト、ミディアム、ビターから選ばれます。 水出し、エスプレッソ(アメリカーノ、トニック、カフェラテ(550円)、ホワイトモカ)、カフェオレもあります。 コーヒー以外に、紅茶、生ホンキジュース、さらにはビールも提供されています。 カフェではモーニングとランチメニューがあり、パスタ、カレーまたはあずき、バタークロワッサンなど、さまざまなプレートから選択ができます。 スイーツでは、さまざまなケーキやアイスクリームがありますが、代表的なメニューは、あんこ、バター、ホイップクリームをトッピングしたおいしいワッフルであるクロッフルという商品です。もちろん、クロッフルには他のバリエーションもあります。

フレンドリーなスタッフ、美味しいコーヒーとスイーツで東加古川エリアにはスタイリッシュなカフェLiten Coffeeがおすすめです。


Contact Information

〒675-0101 Hyogo, Kakogawa, Hiraokacho Shinzaike, 1 Chome−257-2 ブレーンビル 1F
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09:00 - 17:00, Sat&Sun 08:00 - 17:00
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Closed: Monday


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JR Tokaido-Sanyo Line - Higashi Kakogawa Station

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    09:00 am - 05:00 pm
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    09:00 am - 05:00 pm
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