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Embrace a new culinary adventure as Kyoto welcomes its first Turkish street food cafe to the scene called "Kumpir". The cafe introduces locals and visitors to "Kumpir" which are irresistible stuffed baked potatoes, filled with an array of delicious ingredients, including cheese, vegetables, and other tantalizing toppings.

Opened on 21 November, 2022 and located just a short 10-minute stroll north of Kawaramachi station, Kumpir stands at the corner of the bustling Rokkaku-dori and Gokomachi-dori and is spread over two floors. On the ground level you will find the kitchen and order counter. Outside and next to the kitchen you will find the staircase that leads to the second floor, where you'll discover a charming café space. The cafe space consists of a leather sofa corner and eight counter seats along both sides of windows treating the customers to a view of the bustling streets below.

The menu offers seven enticing varieties including: standard, Mexican (with Jalapeno, tortilla, taco minced meat), teriyakichicken, mushroom & white sauce, beef garlic, crispy hot chicken and a sweets version with ice, nuts and honey, guaranteed to fill you up. There are also options for extra toppings against an extra charge.

Kumpir is a must visit, and while we can't guarantee an authentic Turkish experience, we can promise a mouthwatering journey that will leave you craving more.


日本と京都初にトルコのストリートフードカフェ「Kumpir - クムピル」が誕生しました。このカフェでは、チーズ、野菜、その他のトッピングなど、様々な美味しい食材で満たされた、魅力的なベイクドポテトの詰め物であるファストフード「クムピル」を地元の人々や観光客に紹介します。





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112番地3 Yaoyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8072
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Hankyu Kyoto Line- Kawaramachi Station

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