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Kaikado Café



Across the street from the beautiful Shosei-En Garden (Kikoku-tei) and on a 5 minute walk from Shichijo station is the lovely Kaikado cafe and shop. Kaikado is one of the more unique cafes in Kyoto with an interesting history and a distinctive interior. The building itself was constructed back in 1927, and was a former tram warehouse/garage and administration office. After the renovation the building was recognized as a registered cultural property (登録有形文化財). The property was then bought by Kaikado, a 140 year old family-run company known for their airtight tin "chazutsu" tea cannisters and asahiyaki ceramics. Kaikado cafe opened its doors in 2018 and has been a popular attraction for Japanese and foreign travelers.

The building consists of two floors with the café on the ground floor including a garden terrace in the back and a small shop on the second floor as well as partially along the stairwell, absolutely dont forget to visit the shop because that in its own is a lovely display. Since Kaikado is situated in a former garage/workshop for trams, remnants are still apparent in it's interior. Remains of the garage, from faint chalk writings on the wall, shutter marks on the façade, to the door handles of the entrance door. All giving a glimpse to its former past.

The renovated interior of the café is stylish and combines retro with contemporary design. The walls and the floor are entirely concrete with lovely wood shelving and furniture. The showpiece however is the beautiful lattice kitchen counter.

The menu is a bit on the expensive side and consists mainly of Japanese sweets like (monaka, red bean paste cookies, buttered toast and more) in relatively small portions. For drinks they have a variety of teas, coffee and sparkling water.

Kaikado is a beautiful cafe/shop located in an area with various tourist attractions. If you are interested in architecture or interior design this café is definitely recommended.

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美しい渉成園 (桔梗亭) の向こう側、七条駅から徒歩で5分ぐらいのところに素敵なカフェとショップ「Kaikado」『開化堂 カイカド』があります。Kaikadoは、興味深い歴史と独特のインテリアで、京都で最もユニークなカフェの 1 つです。建物は 1927 年に建設されて、昔路面電車の倉庫/ガレージでした。改修後、建物は登録有形文化財に認定されました。その後、「茶筒」と「朝日焼」の陶器で有名、 140 年の歴史を持つ家族経営の会社、Kaikadoに買収されまして、2018年にカフェとしてオープンした。国内の方と外国の方にとても人気なスポットです。

建物は 2 階建てで、1 階にはカフェと建物の後ろにガーデン テラスもあります。2 階には小さなショップがあります。Kaikadoは昔路面電車の車庫兼作業場だったので、インテリアには所々ま歴史の思い出で「壁に薄いチョークの落書き、ファサードのシャッター跡、玄関のドアハンドルは路面電車のハンドル、など」が残っていて、とても素敵です。






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352 Sumiyoshicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 600-8143
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