Coffee Roastery Tabinone

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Coffee Roastery Tabinone



Coffee Roastery Tabinone is a cozy roastery & café located in the Northern part of Kyoto on a 15 minute walk from Shimogamo Shrine.

The café is located in a quiet residential neighborhood on the first floor of a small multi-unit complex that was built in 1960 and used to be an art-school. It shares the building with other shops and offices.

Tabinone is not just an ordinary café. The owner takes high pride in traveling abroad and finding the best coffee farms and getting the best coffee for his customers. He gives the coffee and farmers a special spotlight in the cafe by adding an introduction about the origin and the farmers on the menu. This is what the name Tabinone stands for 'The sound of traveling.'

The café has a cozy and warm atmosphere with a roasting machine and shop near the entrance and tables in the back. There are also two counters.

Besides specialty coffee Tabinone also sells other drinks and various delicious sweets.

Its a great place to relax after visiting Shimogamo shrine.

 カフェだけでなく、オーナーは海外に行って、より高いクオリティのコーヒー豆を探して、日本に輸入する。メニューに起源と農家についての紹介を追加することにより、コーヒーと農家にカフェで特別なスポットライトを与えます。 これがタビノーネの名前の略で「旅の音」です。
 お店の入口付近に焙煎機とショップがあり、奥にテーブルがあります。居心地の良い温かみのある雰囲気のカフェです。  2つのカウンターもあります。



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京都府京都市左京区田中東春菜町30-3 THESITE A号
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11:00 AM - 19:00 PM
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Closed: Monday


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Eizan Line - Chayama Station

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