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Chevron Coffee Roasters



On a 10 minute walk from Nankai-Koya Line Tezukayama Station or on a shouting distance from Hankaidenki-Uemachi's Himematsu Station is the stylish café 'Chevron Coffee Roasters'. The café opened it's doors on January 23rd 2021 and is named after the Australian 'Chevron' island in the Goldcoast area where the owner lived and worked during his stay in Australia. The café sits on the ground floor of a small red brick building and has a navy colored canopy with the name of the café on it, with some chairs in front of the cafe it makes it possible to even enjoy a coffee outside while it rains.
Inside you will find a spacious interior that consists of one large table with 8 seats, four counter seats against the wall and in the back next to the roastery area are comfortable sofa seats. The base color of the interior is white with a concrete floor and dark brown wood furniture, kitchen counter wall, support beams, window frame of the roastery area and ceiling for contrast. On the right side near the order counter is a small shelf with products for sale where Chevron sells their own coffee as well.
The menu naturally consist mainly of coffee, white (cafe latte, cappuccino, flat white, mocha or piccolo), black (espresso, long black, batch brew or french press) as well as non coffee drinks (cola, hot chocolate, apple juice and beer) but there are also drinks for kids (babyccino, kids milk and apple juice). Besides delicious drinks they also sell various sweets (cookies, cake and donuts). Everything goes really well with a nice drink.
Chevron Coffee Roasters is a stylish café that sells delicious coffee with a friendly owner that can speak English, great for having a good time while enjoying a nice drink.
南海高野線の帝塚山駅から徒歩で10ぐらい、または阪堺電軌上町線の姫松駅のすぐ近くにおしゃれカフェ「Chevron Coffee Roasters」『シェブロン・コーヒー・ロースターズ』があります。2021年1月23日にオープンして、店名はオーナーが昔オーストラリアに住んでいたゴールドコーストエリアにあるシェブロン島にちなんで名づけられた。小さな赤レンガの建物の1階にあり、ファサードの上に店名が書かれている紺色の庇がついているから雨の日にも外で座れます。
メニューはコーヒーがもちろん「白 (カフェラテ、カプチーノ、フラット ホワイト、モカ、ピッコロ)、黒 (エスプレッソ、ロング ブラック、バッチ ブリュー、フレンチ プレス)があり、コーヒー以外の飲み物 (コーラ、ホット チョコレート、アップル ジュース、ビール) もあります。お子様用(ベビーチーノ、キッズミルク、りんごジュース)もあります。スイーツ「クッキー、ケーキとドーナツ」もあります。
Chevron Coffee Roastersはスタイリッシュでコーヒーも美味しいし、オーナーもフレンドリーで英語ペラペラなので楽しい時間過ごせることが出来るカフェです。


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1 Chome-1-16 Tezukayamanaka, Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka, 558-0053
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09:00 - 17:00
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Closed: Monday


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Nankai-Koya Line - Tezukayama Station

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