Carabina Bread Stand

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Carabina Bread Stand



On a 10 minute walk from either Kujo or Bentenchou station on the chuoline is this cozy bakery/cafe called [Carabina Bread Stand].

Carabina is named after the carabiner clip used for connecting and securing ropes when climbing mountains, similar to how ‘carabina bread stand’ wants to connect the customers with their bread. The outdoor theme is also prevalent in the design of the cafe.

The interior uses a lot of natural materials. The floor is concrete with greenish-grey plaster walls, there is also a lot of natural wood used in the furniture and chairs have the typical outdoor canvas fabric cushioning.

The interior is quite spacious. Entering the café you will immediately face the order counter with all the bread on display on the left and the kitchen in the rear, then on the right there is the cafe area that has one big table with sockets and 2 tables with chairs and ottomans in the back of the cafe.

Carabina Bread Stand has a pretty large menu. Their main food is of course toasted bread with a variety of toppings like: “butter, honey, cheese etc”. Btw, toast with cheese taste absolutely fantastic. As for drinks, besides coffee they also have juices and teas for the non-coffee drinkers.

Some of the drinks are served in a Carabina mug that sports the cute polar bear with a bowtie holding a loaf of bread.

Besides the regular menu, Carabina Bread Stand also sells their own made jams that come in a variety of flavors and 4 types of bread: “Natural, Walnut, Rich Chocolate and Black sesame flavor”.

All in all, its a lovely cafe with a warm atmosphere and friendly staff, heavily recommended.












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