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In central Kyoto, on a short walk from either Hankyu-line Kawaramachi Station, Karasuma Line Gojo Station or Keihan Line Kiyomizu-Gojo station is a stylish new cafe as well as a design office called 'Cafe Gallery San'. It sits in a renovated kyomachiya along the Gokomachi street and is part of Momiji-no-Komichi (Japanese only) that consists of other shops including Weekenders Roastery, Garden Lab co-working space and more.

The kyomachiya is almost 107 years old and was built before the war back in 1916 when it was mainly used as a house. The building the stood empty for a while until it was taken over by architect Takeshi Yamazaki who designed it for over 6 months while doing his regular job and finally opened Cafe Gallery San on 22 October 2022. The name San which can be written by only one kanji 燦 character can be found or heard used in Japanese design/planning industry with the following line 'The sun pours brilliantly' and has a positive meaning like 'brilliant' or 'glittering'. It has a rare kanji and meaning which could make people remember it easier and most importantly the same year the name was chosen Mr Yamazaki became the father of a little boy, which in English is pronounced 'son', which made him choose this name.

The exterior of the café has a typical Japanese style design with a dark-brown wood façade and the entrance sitting under a canopy covered with Japanese rooftiles. Inside you will find a Japanese Modern style interior which uses a plethora of traditional Japanese materials. Right away when you enter the cafe you will face a stylish Naguri wall panel with an alcove that features a Sarcandra glabra ikebana. Another lovely ikebana that sits right next to the entrance is occasionally replaced depending on the season.

Entering the café you will find a stylish interior that features four order made tables with an iron frame and beautiful tile table tops made by Iron and Wood workshop Kodama. A long wood bench along the wall in the back against the mudwalls with a tatami floor below which requires you to take of your shoes if you take a seat. Bench seats come with electronic and usb sockets to charge your devices. Further in the back is a slick terrazzo kitchen counter and all the way in the back is a stylish toilet space that consists completely of Hinoki (cypress) wood and a lovely minimalistic garden.

The wall opposite of the mudwall is a shelf containing various architecture and design books/magazines for customers to freely read. One of the eyecatchers of the café is the ceiling that features a beautiful embossed washi (Japanese paper) pattern made by Kyo Karakami Maruni, a famous Japanese washi company.

The menu consists mostly of delicious healthy vegan dishes which include: avocado open sandwich, ham and vegetable sandwich, avocado sandwich and todays pasta with baguette. There is also dessert that consists of non-vegan chiffon cake, vanilla or rum-raisin ice-cream. All items can be paired up with a drink. The food is absolutely delicious and the bread is provided by 'Slō', a popular bakery in Kyoto which often has people lining up around the block.

Cafe gallery San is a stylish cafe with a friendly owner and staff that serves absolutely delicious food. A visit is heavily recommended.

京都中心に、阪急京都線河原町駅、烏丸線五条駅と京阪線清水五条駅の間ぐらい「各駅から徒歩で10分ぐらい」に新しいおしゃれなカフェ「 燦」があります。カフェは御幸町通沿いの改装されたの京町家に位置して、Weekenders Roastery, Garden Lab co-working space など含めての「もみじの小路」の一部になっています。

1916年に建てられて、築107ぐらいの京町家ですが、以前は住宅だったようで、それからしばらく空き家だった。 燦は「燦 設計室」の山崎武志に本業をしながら6か月にわたって設計されて、2022年10月22日にオープンしました。店名は山崎さんが独立する時に、漢字一文字にしたかって、「陽が燦々と降り注ぐ」などの使い方で、設計していると普段見かけたり、耳にする言葉らしいです。意味は「きらびやか」「かがやかしい」などという良い意味です。さらに、山崎さんの長男が産まれた年でもありましたので英語のson(サン)と掛けて、決めました。もう一つは、「なんて読むの?」と聞かれたら、印象に残って、「覚えてもらえるかな?」と期待もして決めました。



砂壁の向こう側にお客様が自由に読めれる建築の本と雑誌がいっぱい入ってるシェルフもあります。店内に一番目を引くの部分は天井です。天井は斜めのセクションで表面は京都の有名な和紙会社Kyo Karakami Maruniがエンボス加工の和紙パターンで覆われています。


Cafe gallery Sanはとてもおしゃれで、スタッフとオーナーもすごく親切、食べ物もめちゃくちゃ美味しくて、とてもおすすめなカフェです。


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〒600-8048 Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, Suhamacho, 673-6
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11:00 - 18:00


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Hankyu Kyoto Line- Kawaramachi Station

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