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Hidden in a quiet neighborhood located on a 10 minute walk from Tenjibashi6chome station is the lovely ‘Bon Voyage’ cafe and tableware shop.
Bon Voyage is located on the ground floor of a large white building that used to be an architect firm and sits across from a large parking lot. When closed it is hidden by a large white shutter. The cafe has a wide façade with long vertical windows spread over the entire width that give a clear view over the lovely interior. In January 2022 the owner opened the shop as a fruit/vegetable shop but wanted the customers to stay longer so he changed the concept and in June he opened the shop as a café that still sells fruit and vegetables as well as Japanese ceramics and other handmade goods.
The name Bon Voyage means 'have a good trip' in French and comes from the owner's love of traveling abroad. The owner has visited over 30 countries allover the world and it is apparent in the interior. The spacious interior is a mix of Modern, Japanese and Korean interior design and uses materials from various countries. The wood used for the tables and counters are all maple wood from Japan, the kitchen counter wall is covered with maple wood flooring from Russia and the kitchen tile backsplash consists of tiles from France. Everything was designed and renovated by the owner himself who has a special interest in interior design. On one of the walls in the café hangs a single artwork panel featuring red tulips made by an artist called Miyazaki which is also used for the logo on the businesscards. After the owner saw her artwork he fell in love with it and had a special artwork order made which is now featured in the cafe.
The ceramics and other handmade goods sold inside the shop are sourced from allover Japan which the owner directly buys from the artists. The dishes and cups come from various places between Southern Kyuushu's Kumamoto all the way to North-Japan. One of the special items are lovely baskets and handmade bags made from bark and twigs of a walnut tree that still feature the knots in the design. The beautiful glass pendant lights above the kitchen counter are made by a glass blow shop in Osaka, one by one handmade so each design is different and beautiful.
The menu consists of coffee, cafe au lait, tea, milktea, mandarin juice and apple juice. The sweets are whatever that day is offered in the glass cases on top of the counter.
Bon Voyage is a great café with a super friendly owner and stylish interior that sells beautiful handmade goods and ceramics, that is great for relaxing with a coffee and some sweets.
天神橋筋六丁目駅から徒歩で10分ぐらいの静かな住宅街に素敵なカフェと陶器のショップ「Bon Voyage」『ボン・ボヤッジ』が隠しています。
Bon Voyageは元々建築会社の白い大きな建物の1階にあります。ファサードは広くて、並んでいる縦長い窓で構成されて、外から素敵なインテリアがはっきり見えます。2022年1月ただの果物のお店として使われていて、オーナーがお客様もっと時間を過ごして欲しくて、6月カフェとしてオープンした。果物の販売はまだ続いてて、さらに日本の陶器とほかのハンドメイドグッズも販売してます。
オーナーが海外旅行大好きで、30国以上を訪れて当然店名を「Bon Voyage」『ボン・ボヤッジ』「フランス語で「いってらっしゃい」という意味で」にしました。インテリアはとても広くて、モダン、和風と韓国スタイルのミックスで構成されて、様々な国の素材が使われています。テーブルとカウンターのウッドは日本産のメープル材で、キッチンの腰壁がロシア産のフローリングで覆われて、さらにキッチンバックの壁はフランス産のタイル張りです。オーナーはインテリアデザイン大好きで全部自分でデザインしてリノベーションしました。カフェの中の一つの壁に赤いチューリップの絵が掛けて、オーナーがアートの展示会で「Miyazakiさん」というアーティストのアートをすごく気に入って、カフェのアートと名刺のデザインのためにチューリップのアートは特注です。
Bon Voyageはとても親切なオーナー、とても素敵なインテリアととても素敵な陶器とハンドメイドグッズが販売してる素敵なカフェで、訪れるは非常におすすめです。


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1 Chome-18-6 Honjohigashi, Kita Ward, Osaka, 531-0074
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13:00 - 18:00
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Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday


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Sakaisuji Line - Tenjinbashi-6-chome Station

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  • Monday
    01:00 pm - 06:00 pm
  • Tuesday Closed
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    01:00 pm - 06:00 pm
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    01:00 pm - 06:00 pm
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    01:00 pm - 06:00 pm
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