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Currently in pre-open phase but already promising to be very popular is the stylish "2050 Coffee". The cafe sits inside the Kyoto Shinkyogoku Shopping Arcade, it's merely a seven-minute walk from Tozai Line - Kyoto Shiyakushomae Station or a 10-minute walk from Hankyu Kyoto Line - Kawaramachi Station. The cafe is managed by Kohei-san, a former barista from the renowned Kurasu coffee in Kyoto, who ventured to establish his own coffee haven.

The concept behind 2050 Coffee revolves around the future of coffee. As per multiple sources, it's projected that global coffee production might deplete by 2050 due to the effects of global warming. This concern, coupled with a focus on fostering more sustainable coffee practices, serves as the central theme of the cafe. This principle echoes throughout the cafe's design as well.

Upon arrival, you'll encounter a sleek, modern exterior in mainly black and grey tones, with the entire ground floor consisting of large windows that give a clear look on the interior as well as a round, backlit corrugated plate sign next to the entrance. Inside, the cafe boasts a deep and narrow layout. The ground floor mostly houses the kitchen and order counter, while the second floor serves as a seating area (with potential for future display space). Sporting a futuristic and minimalistic design, the cafe employs backlit corrugated coverings for its kitchen counter walls, along with stainless steel and mortar as primary materials, resulting in a sterile and contemporary ambiance.

The second floor stands apart from the first, offering a darker ambiance. Here, one wall is entirely mirrored, and three glass shelves illuminated by surrounding box lights extend toward the center of the room. Along the opposite wall, there's a lengthy bench. A word of caution: mind your head while ascending the stairs.

The menu offers, cafe latte (500 yen~), americano, kombucha and cascara coffee cherry tea as well as donuts. The main draw however is the coffee taps in the center of the cafe from which the coffee is poured into the cup. We will provide further details/information at a later date.

2050 Coffee is a stylish cafe with a unique interior, super friendly staff and delicious coffee. Make sure to drop by if you are in Kyoto.

Currently the cafe is in preopen phase so for their opening times please check their official instagram account. Info will be updated

現在プレオープン中ですが、とても人気になりそうおしゃれカフェ「2050 Coffee」が京都市役所前駅の近くに新しくオープンしました。

2050 Coffeeのコンセプトは、ネットによると、コーヒーの未来は地球温暖化の影響で、2050年までに世界のコーヒー生産量が枯渇する可能性があると予測されています。この懸念と持続可能なコーヒーの実践を促進することが、当店のテーマです。このコンセプトはカフェのデザインにも反映されています。





「未来のコーヒー」 Coffee of the future.


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402 Sakuranocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8035
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Hankyu Kyoto Line- Kawaramachi Station

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