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Sou Sou Hirakata



Located deep in a quiet neighborhood in Hirakata city, at the foot of the Okami shrine is the charming and rustic café called ‘Sou Sou Hirakata’. This hidden gem opened its doors on November 19, 2010, and is located in a renovated house that was built during the first year of the Meiji era (Keio 4) in 1868, making it over 150 years old.

The spacious interior of Sou Sou Hirakata is adorned with a retro and rustic interior design, featuring antique furniture and goods that give the cafe a unique and cozy ambiance. Even with seating for up to 50 people, including tables and counter seats, the café is quite popular, so making a reservation in advance is highly recommended.

The menu at Sou Sou Hirakata offers two daily lunch menus and a variety of sweets. The lunch plates come with fresh daily vegetables, such as potato rosemary, purple cabbage coleslaw, persimmon with balsamic vinegar, pickled cauliflower, and many more. While the prices may be a little steep, the food is exquisite and well worth the cost.

In addition to Sou Sou Hirakata, the same owner also runs a general goods store called 'repos-de-midi' which is located on a five minute walk from the cafe. The store sells a wide variety of unique and carefully selected goods, including pottery, kitchenware, accessories, and more. Many of the items sold in the store are handmade by local artisans and are one-of-a-kind. For those who appreciate unique and handmade goods, repos-de-midi is definitely worth checking out.

For people who visit by car, there is parking available but access to the parking is through a narrow street so be warned.

Overall, Sou Sou Hirakata is a charming café with a cozy, rustic interior that serves exquisite food, making it an absolute must-visit for anyone in the area.

枚方市の閑静な住宅街に、意賀美神社のふもと、ラスティックで素敵なカフェ「草々徒枚方」『そうそうひらかた』があります。 明治元年(1868年)に建てられた築150年以上の古民家をリノベーションし、2010年11月19日にオープンした隠れ家のようのカフェです。

広々とした店内はレトロでラスティックなデザインで、アンティークの家具や雑貨が店内を飾られています。 テーブル席とカウンター席合わせてお客席が最大50席でもありますが、とても人気なカフェなので、予約した方がおすすめです。

メニューは、日替わりランチ2品とスイーツ各種があります。 ランチプレートには、ジャガイモのローズマリー、紫キャベツのコールスロー、柿のバルサミコ酢、カリフラワーのピクルスなど、毎日の新鮮な野菜が添えられています。 価格は少し高いかもしれませんが、食べ物は絶妙で、コストに見合うだけの価値があります。

SOU SOUひらかたのほか、カフェから徒歩5分の場所にある雑貨店「ルポ・ド・ミディ」も同じオーナーさんが営んでいます。 店内には、陶器やキッチン用品、アクセサリーなど、個性的で厳選された商品が豊富にそろっています。ユニークで手作りの商品が好きな人は、repos-de-midi をチェックする価値があります。


全体的に、Sou Sou Hirakataは居心地の良いラスティックなインテリアの魅力的なカフェで、絶妙でとても美味しい料理を提供しており、とてもおすすめなカフェです。


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1-18 Hirakata Motomachi, Hirakata, Osaka 573-0052
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11:00 - 15:00, SAT&SUN 11:00 - 16:00
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Closed: Monday, Tuesday


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Keihan Line - Hirakata Station

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