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It’s a good day for fans of the ‘School Bus inc’-brand cafes and interiors. In July 2022, School Bus Coffee almost unexpectedly opened its latest shop called ‘School Bus Coffee Bakers’ in Kyoto.
The café is located right next to Karasuma Line’s Marutamachi station (exit 6) on the groundfloor of the 3-star Hyatt Place hotel. As the name says, School Bus Coffee Bakers focusses on baked goods and unlike other branches features a small bakery section with freshly baked breads, sandwiches and sweets.
The 2nd Kyoto branch has a surface area over 200m2 which makes School bus coffee bakers one of the bigger branches. It has two entrances on each side of the café, one next to the entrance of the Hyatt and one to the right of the building which doesn't look like an entrance from the outside but has a beautiful lacquered wood doorframe and canopy with the name of the cafe written on it. Due to the larger floor space there are bigger variety of seats including a couple of simple tables in the middle of the cafe, a semi-separate glass barrier room on the left, a lovely comfortable sofa section and even a few counter seats along side the window in front of the bakery.
Similar as all other branches the interior has been done by 'School Bus inc' and is in the typical 'American' School Bus Coffee style, which of course never disappoints. The whole interior looks lovely but It's the small details (signs and font usage, lamps, and the stained glass) that makes it all the better. The entire café features a beautiful dark hardwood floor with one section in herringbone style and a small tiles section under the sofa. The separate café section features typical wainscot paneling on the wall. The order counter also features lovely paneling and a glass showcase with freshly baked sweets (Hawaiian malasadas).
The menu is similar to other cafes with a more elaborate food menu that includes various breads, sandwiches and sweet pastries. There are are even delicious Hawaiian malasadas and a hamburger plate. They have coffee in the school bus or coava brand blends.
School Bus Coffee Bakers is another great addition to the School Bus chain with a lovely interior and a big menu that will draw even more crowds in the time to come.
‘School Bus inc’ブランドのカフェのファンの方々にとって、良いニュースですが、結構いきなりに、京都の新店舗「School Bus Coffee Bakers」『スクール・バス・コーヒー・ベーカーズ』が2022年7月にオープンされました。
カフェは烏丸線丸太町駅「6番出口」のすぐ隣にHyatt Place Kyotoの1階に位置しています。名前通り、この支店はパンの食品をフォーカスして、焼き立てパン、サンドイッチなどが販売してるベーカリーエリアがあります。
店内に面積は約200平方メートルがあり、School Busの一番大きい店舗になります。入口が二つ「ハイアットの入口の右隣」と「建物の右側」ありますが、右側の入口は入口が見えないかもしれないけど入ってから光沢のウッドサッシュと店名が書いてある庇でより素敵なデザインになってます。面積が広いから多様のお客席「テーブル席、ガラスバリアで区切ってるカフェエリア、快適なソファスペースとカウンター席」で構成されています。
メニューは他の店舗とほぼ一緒ですが、もちろんベーカリーもあるから様々な焼き立てパン、サンドイッチとスイーツから選ばれます。さらにハワイイの名物「マラサダ 『ハワイアンドーナツ』」とハンバーガープレートもあります。コーヒーはスクールバスやCoavaのブレンドから選ばれます。
スクールバスが相変わるとても素敵のお店をオープンしました。School Bus Coffee Bakersは素敵なインテリア、とても豊富な美味しいメニュー、優しいスタッフでとてもおすすめな支店です。


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〒604-0862 Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Shoshoicho, 240 ハイアットプレイス京都 1F
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08:00 - 19:00


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Karasuma Line - Marutamachi Station

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    08:00 am - 07:00 pm
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    08:00 am - 07:00 pm
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