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Nestled in the culturally rich Sakai City, famous for handmade knives and tools, on a 30 minute train ride from Osaka city center, is the lovely "Sakainoma Cafe". Sakainoma cafe opened its doors on 9 October 2016 and is part of 'Sakainoma hotels' which is composed of 3 hotels and a restaurant that are located throughout Sakai city and have been renovated from traditional townhouses.

Sakainoma itself is housed within a 70 year old machiya, and it's name, 'Sakainoma' (堺の間) is derived from The Chinese characters of “MA” (間, also found in words like “space” (空間)and "time" (時間) which form the central theme of this place. Rooted in the concept of 'Discovering the hidden gems of Sakai, a town where the past seamlessly blends with the present,' this establishment offers a glimpse into the leisurely lifestyle of Sakai. It's an essential experience for savoring all that Sakai has to offer, be it sightseeing or strolling through the town, allowing you to immerse yourself in the 'MA of SAKAI' (SAKAINOMA), where you'll uncover the town's well-preserved treasures, both old and new."

The cafe sits in the front of the building along the bustling Daido Suji Avenue but thanks to the wide pedestrian/cyclist lane as well as some greenery the cafe still enjoys bit of privacy and calm. While the building has been renovated, a large portion remained untouched, showcasing original elements such as the mud walls, wooden framework, and the vaulted wooden ceiling. The entrance to the cafe is on the left through the noren which leads to the toriniwa and then immediately right through the glass sliding door you will step into the cafe. The cafe is spacious with the kitchen in the back and seating in the front. The facade consist of sliding glass doors that are opened when the weather is good and leads to the terrace seats in front of the cafe. During spring customers are able to enjoy the blooming cherry blossom tree right in front of the cafe. While visiting, make sure to visit the toilet at the back of the toriniwa to enjoy the historical remnants of the buildings.

The menu is divided into three sections: a morning menu (09:00 - 11:00) featuring options like the dashimaki egg sandwich plate or honey cinnamon French toast. The lunch menu (11:00 - 14:00) offers choices like the 'today's lunch plate' or a seasonal sandwich plate. Additionally, the standard food menu (15:00 - close) presents a variety of savory dishes and sweet sets. The beverage selection includes coffee, tea, juice, floats, and even alcoholic beverages. Sakainoma is dedicated to showcasing Sakai, thus primarily utilizes locally sourced ingredients for their menu offerings.

Sakainoma is a delightful cafe that allows customers to immerse themselves in the building's rich history while enjoying delicious food. If you're in the area, visiting Sakainoma is a must for cafe enthusiasts.

大阪の中心から電車で30分ぐらいに、南大阪に文化豊かな「ハンドメイドナイフと道具で有名」堺市に素敵なカフェ「堺の間」「サカイノマカフェ」があります。 2016年10月9日にオープンして、堺にある町家をリノベーションした2つのホテルとカフェで構成されている「サカイノマホテルズ」の一部です。


堺の間のカフェは大道筋沿いの「堺の間 熊 ホテル」の正面にあります。賑やかな通り沿いだけど、広い歩道/自転車専用レーンおかげで、道路と少し離れて、まだプライバシーと静けさがあります。 リノベーションが施されても、土壁、木組みなど、アーチ型の木製天井はほぼそのまま残されています。お店の入り口は左手、暖簾をくぐって、すぐ右のガラス引き戸を入って店内になります。 カフェは広々として、奥にキッチンとホテルの受付があり、手前にお客席があります。 カフェの正面はガラス引き戸で構成されており、天気の良い日には、扉が開かれて、店内に爽やかな風を感じます。カフェの前のテラス席もありますし、春の時期にはとくに、カフェの前に咲いてる桜の木も楽しむことができます。

メニューは、だし巻きたまごサンドプレートやハニーシナモン フレンチ トーストなどのモーニング メニュー (09:00 ~ 11:00) 、本日のランチプレートや季節のサンドイッチプレートのランチメニュー(11:00~14:00)とセイボリーやスイーツセットも豊富に取り揃えておりのスタンダードフードメニュー(15:00〜閉店)で三つがあります。 ドリンクには、コーヒー、紅茶、ジュース、フロート、アルコールなどもあります。メニューは堺を紹介することに専念しており、主に地元産の食材を使用しています。



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1 Chome-1-23 Kumanochonishi, Sakai Ward, Sakai, Osaka 590-0947
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09:00 - 19:00
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Closed: Wednesday, Thursday


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Nankai Line - Sakai Station

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    09:00 am - 07:00 pm
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    09:00 am - 07:00 pm
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