Nowhere Hajinosato 土師ノ里

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Nowhere Hajinosato 土師ノ里



Nowhere Hajinosato is located in the Furuichi Kofun (Kofun are keyhole shaped tombs, mostly found in Japan) Cluster area, which has been registered as a World Heritage Site, and is conveniently located on a 1-minute walk from Kintetsu Hajinosato Station.

This café is one of the collective shops called "Satoba no Hako", which has different shops in each of the renovated Nagaya.

The exterior is almost the same as the original Nagaya except for the stylish wooden door and signboard which bring out the retro atmosphere of the building. The machine right next to the entrance is a machine that folds cardboard which the previous owner bought somewhere and left behind when the café opened.

There is a table for 4 people and a table for 6 people, 2 seats for 1 or 2 people, and 3 counter seats. The seats for one or two people are very unique because similar to the machines at the entrance used for printing and cardboard processing are now re-used as tables.

The menu includes daily plates, beef stroganoff, foods such as quiche and soup, as well as sweets such as cheesecake, gateau chocolate, and baked goods. Baked sweets are also sold in the store for taking out.

The daily plate of the day was minced meat and potato gratin! The plate also comes with salad, bread and grilled vegetables. The gratin was like baking thinly sliced ​​potatoes on top of each other, and it was lighter and more mellow than ordinary gratin!

The café often has an exhibition. At moment of writing there happened to be a wonderful painting exhibition painted by college students. In the coming future there will also be a photo exhibition. Suffice to say this cafe especially recommended for people who are interested in art.

The staff are also very friendly, and it is a nice cafe where you can relax and feel comfortable even if you go alone.











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1 Chome-1-7 Kou, Fujiidera, Osaka 583-0006
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Kintetsu MinamiOsaka Line - Hajinosato Station

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