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Minimal Coffee Waffle



Minimal Coffee Waffle is a small café and waffle shop located on a 10 minute walk from Hankyu Kyoto Line - Minami Ibaraki Station. It started out as a cargobike cafe, hence the name minimal in the Takatsuki area (along the Akutagawa River) and became famous for its delicious coffee and waffles. Finally they opened a café in April 2022 in a quiet residential neighborhood near Ibaraki Cityhall.  It's a tiny cozy café with two tables and 2 counter seats for up to 6 people.

They sell delicious coffee and freshly baked waffles in various flavors including (plain, chocolate chip, maple & almond, matcha) as well as folded waffles with azuki paste butter. You can either eat-in or take out.

Minimal Coffee Waffle is a lovely café with a friendly owner that sells absolutely delicious freshly baked waffles and coffee.

Minimal Coffee Waffle 『 ミニマル・コーヒー・ワッフル 』阪急京都線の茨木駅から徒歩で10ぐらいに静かの住宅街にあるワッフルカフェです。元々高槻エリア「芥川沿い」で自転車カフェ「Minimal」、カーゴバイクでコーヒーとワッフルを販売して、おしゃれな自転車カフェと美味しいコーヒーとワッフルでどんどん人気になって、ついに2022年4月にカフェとしてオープンしました。お店は小さくて、テーブルが二つ、カウンター席も二つで6人まで店内でご利用ができます。


Minimal Coffee Waffleは茨木にある、とても美味しいコーヒーと焼き立てワッフルを販売している、小さなカフェです。



Contact Information

5-20 Motomachi, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0882
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Business Hours
11:00 - 16:00
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Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Sunday


Nearest Station
Hankyu Kyoto Line - Ibaraki Station

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  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday
    11:00 am - 04:00 pm
  • Thursday
    11:00 am - 04:00 pm
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    11:00 am - 04:00 pm
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    11:00 am - 04:00 pm
  • Sunday Closed