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Our first Shiga cafe entry, and an absolutely lovely one at that. Welcome to 'Kutsuroguco', a lovely renovated minka cafe located in the outskirts of Otsu city that opened it's doors in March of 2022. It can be reached by train (Tokaido-Sanyo line) Ishiyama station and then by bus or by car which is more convenient as the café offers parking space for two cars (first come first serve). From the car parking its a 2 minute walk to the café.

Kutsuroguco is located in a 'quiet' neighborhood, hidden away at the end of an alley. I say quiet but every 10 minutes you can hear a bullettrain rushing past which makes the café shake a little but nothing bothersome. The café sits in a large renovated minka that was built in the 40's and stood empty for 20 years before the owner bought it and renovated it into a café. There are still many other unused kominkas around the café. Most of the building has been left in tact during the renovation except for the the façade which has been replaced with a metal corrugated plates, large windows of the entrance door and lovely middle brown windows and door sill. Entering the alley and walking towards the cafe, right away the exterior and the entrance look very inviting.

Inside you will find the kitchen and register on the left as well as a lovely wooden console table that features today's sweets. Passing a separate coworking space (no info on that), in front of you is a narrow passage that leads to the café area in the back.  The cafe area consists of 3 small 1on1 tables, a large table near the window and in the narrow passage there is a pair of leather chairs with a table as well. The interior still features remnants of the minka with the beams and poles of its skeleton and mudwalls as well as a lovely stained glass window. The furniture is a combination of antiques and modern day furniture decorated with small antique goods.

The menu (which might be subject to change) consists of sandwich plates where you can choose between a "ham and grapes croissant" or a "autumn eggplant with meat sandwich" that both come with soup where you can also choose between a "sweet potato and apple pottage" or "onion gratin soup". The plates look great and taste absolutely fantastic. There are also sweets: "caramel nuts tart, chestnut tart or apple cheese cake". For drinks they serve coffee (hot or ice) in different blends, various teas, homemade ginger ale and orange or apple juice.

Kutsuroguco is an absolutely lovely minka cafe with a cozy and calm atmosphere with super friendly staff and great food that is handsdown one of the MUST visit cafes in Shiga area.

Please note: Kutsuroguco is only open on limited days, so before you visit please confirm their official accounts for their opening hours and menu.

今回の投稿はテイストオブ関西の初めての滋賀カフェのエントリーになりますが、秘密したい、とても素敵なカフェです。 2022年3月にオープンして、大津市郊外にある素敵なリノベーションされた民家カフェ「kutsuroguco」『くつろぐこ』へようこそ。車や東海道の石山駅からバスでいけるカフェですが、カフェ専用2台の駐車スペースがある(先着順)ので車の方がおすすめかもしれない。駐車場からカフェまで徒歩で2分ぐらいです。



メニューは変更になる場合がございますが、「ハムとぶどうのクロワッサン」と「秋なすのミートドッグサンド」の2種類から選べるサンドイッチプレートがあり、ついているスープも「さつまいもとりんごのポタージュ」や「オニオングラタンスープ」から選ばれます。プレートは見た目も味もとても美味しいです。さらに、スイーツも「キャラメルナッツタルト」「栗タルト」 や「 りんごチーズケーキ」もあります。飲み物には、様々なブレンドのコーヒー(ホットまたはアイス)、様々なお茶、自家製ジンジャーエール、オレンジやアップルジュースがあります。




Contact Information

2 Chome-11-30 Seta, Otsu, Shiga 520-2134
Social Information
Business Hours
11:00 - 16:00
Closed on
Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Random「不定休」


Nearest Station
Tokaido Sanyo Line - Ishiyama Station

Business Hour
Closed Now

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday
    11:00 am - 04:00 pm
  • Thursday Closed
  • Friday Closed
  • Saturday
    11:00 am - 04:00 pm
  • Sunday
    11:00 am - 04:00 pm