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Located in East-Osaka on a short walk from Kintetsu-Osaka Line - Mito Station is the lovely kominka cafe called 'Kuraru cafe' which opened on October 29, 2018. We say cafe but it's more like a compound that is over 350 square meter and includes an old private house that was build over 100 years ago and was renovated into a café, an agricultural equipment warehouse, and a large garden with trees and flowers.

The café sits in a quiet neighborhood and features a typical Japanese exterior design with walls covered with vertical wooden boards and typical Japanese ichimonji rooftiles. The entrance is through a gate with large wood sliding doors and immediately on the right you can find the café. Inside, there are four tables, each for two to four people and due to limited seating it is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance. For people who want to eat outside in the fresh air, there is outdoor seating as well. Additionally there is also seating in the warehouse that is refurbished as a seating space which requires to take off your shoes. As you venture through the garden, you'll discover yet another seating area specially for customers and their furry companions.

The cafe's interior has undergone renovation while preserving its original charm. The (tsuchikabe) mudwalls and wooden beams remain largely untouched, creating a warm and authentic ambiance. The high ceiling further enhances the spaciousness of the cafe. Additionally, the kitchen counter wall and the interior kitchen wall are adorned with blue tiles, contributing to the overall atmosphere.

Kuraru Cafe focuses on sustainable living and hopes to provide a place for people with dietary restrictions to improve their health by using natural ingredients. The menu consists of a plate lunch, sweets or even a vegan hamburger but the menu changes daily. Everything looks good and tastes delicious. On the photos below you can see a plate lunch consisting of: organic rice, vegan nugget, pickled turnips, fried daikon, fried vegan minced meat, homemade yuzu rape, purple kale tempura, daikon cooked in soy sauce and  Japanese mustard spinach with sesame sauce. Absolutely magnificent.

The staff at this establishment are very friendly, creating a welcoming atmosphere that adds to the overall experience. The seating arrangements are cozy and provide delightful views of the beautiful garden. The real star, however, is the food! Prepared using organic ingredients, the menu offers a daily rotation of lunch options, with each visit, the experience is nothing short of delicious!

東大阪の近鉄大阪線-弥刀駅から歩いてすぐのところにあるのが、2018年10月29日にオープンした「Kuraru cafe」という素敵な古民家カフェです。カフェと言っても、築100年以上の古民家をカフェにリノベーションした150坪以上の敷地と、農機具倉庫、木や花が植えられた広い庭など、複合施設のようなものです。



Kuraru Cafeは、持続可能な生活に集中して、食事制限のある方にも自然な食材を使った健康的の場を提供したい。メニューは日替わりで、プレートランチ、スイーツ、またはビーガンハンバーガーなどがあります。下記の写真は、オーガニックライス、ビーガンナゲット、カブの漬物、大根のフライ、ビーガンミンチのフライ、自家製柚子ラペ、パープルケールの天ぷら、大根の醤油煮、和風マスタードほうれん草のごま和えからなるプレートランチです。まさに絶品です。



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4 Chome-1-13 Tomoi, Higashiosaka, Osaka 577-0816
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Kintetsu Osaka Line - Mito Station

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