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Kamo Donut



If you're craving amazing donuts in Kyoto, look no further than 'Kamo DONUT'. Nestled in a charming kyomachiya, this delightful donut specialty shop is just a five-minute walk from Karasuma Line's KitaOji station.

At Kamo DONUT, you can enjoy their delicious donuts inside as they offer a small table for two, allowing you to enjoy your treats alongside a cup of locally sourced coffee from the Ohara area.

The shop has a wide selection of freshly baked donuts, ranging from classic plain donuts to options like choco sprinkle, almond frost, and even bismarck—a hotdog bun-shaped donut filled with cream and chocolate cream.

While you have the option to eat in, we highly recommend grabbing some donuts to go. Take a leisurely stroll towards Kamo River, passing by Tasuku Coffee on the way. Grab a drink to-go there, and head to the Kamo River to enjoy your treats on the riverbank with a view over the Kamo River.

For truly great donuts in Kyoto, Kamo DONUT is the destination.

京都で美味しいドーナツを食べたいなら、「KAMO DONUT」がおすすめです。烏丸線北大路駅から徒歩5分、素敵な京町家にあるドーナツ専門店です。




京都で本当に美味しいドーナツを食べたいなら、KAMO DONUTが非常におすすめです。


Contact Information

〒603-8161 Kyoto, Kita Ward, Koyamakitaonocho, 28
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Business Hours
10:00 - 19:30
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Closed: Tuesday


Nearest Station
Karasuma Line - KitaOji Station

Business Hour
Closed Now

  • Monday
    10:00 am - 07:30 pm
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday
    10:00 am - 07:30 pm
  • Thursday
    10:00 am - 07:30 pm
  • Friday
    10:00 am - 07:30 pm
  • Saturday
    10:00 am - 07:30 pm
  • Sunday
    10:00 am - 07:30 pm