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JOZU+ Kanjitsu



Nestled in the countryside of North Osaka, in the town of Toyono along the Yono river, lies the stylish "Jozu+", a complex that encompasses multiple buildings, housing a restaurant, two cafes, an atelier, a woodworking shop, and a charming general goods store. Accessible only by car or bus, the journey from Central Osaka Umeda station takes about an hour, rewarding travelers with a serene escape amidst nature's beauty.

Jozu+ is operated by Jozu Kosakusho, renowned for its expertise in crafting original furniture and hardware. The main building greets visitors with a sophisticated entrance featuring a fusion of glass and concrete, offering a glimpse of the enchanting garden beyond. On the ground floor, you'll find the restaurant Fuu [孚] on the left, and a small general goods store on the right, with concrete stairs leading to the second-floor book-café Kanjitsu [閑日]. The interior exudes a sense of spaciousness and style, blending natural wood and concrete.

Ascending to the second floor, you'll be greeted by a well-designed space, boasting an array of seating options, including a raised platform with inviting tables, and a delightful outdoor seating area. Meanwhile, at the back of the café, above the restaurant, a large atrium bathes the area in natural light, offering a delightful view of the surrounding garden. Next to the stairs is a large metal pipe shelving with books displayed that customers can pick and read freely.

Next to the main building, is a second pavilion with only outdoor seating that houses two cafes "Hoko" which serves inari sushi (Sushi wrapped in fried tofu) and  "Two Tone Yoghurt," which serves frozen yoghurt ice. On a short walk along the road (be careful as some parts are don't have a particular pedestrian area) sits another important called "Jozu Works", accommodating the furniture atelier and shop. Amidst this idyllic countryside setting, Jozu+ stands as an oasis of creativity and charm, beckoning visitors to experience a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and the serenity of nature.

The menu at Kanjitsu consists of bread or sweets, where customers can choose from a chicken and lotusroot burger, a French toast sandwich or a delicious bacon, onion focaccia. Sweets include various cakes or cookies. To go with that the cafe offers coffee (handrip or cafe au lait), various teas and various sodas. Customers can order a lunch set where you can choose a combination of soup & salad or fried potatoes & salad with a drink and your lunch.

Jozu+ provides a variety of options for visitors, whether it's a quick snack, sweets, or a relaxing lunch in a stylish countryside setting in Osaka. Don't miss their impressive furniture and hardware, making the entire complex a delightful destination for a lovely day out.

大阪の田舎に車でのおでかけしたいなら豊野町にある「Jozu+ 」と言う素敵な施設が非常におすすめです。レストラン、二つのカフェ、雑貨屋さん、工房と家具屋さんで構成されています。大阪中心から車やバスでわずか1時間です。


メインビルの隣にまた別の建物に二つのカフェ「Hoko」いなり寿司専門店と「Two Tone Yoghurt」フローズンヨーグルトアイスのお店があり、アウトドア席しかない。さらに、ここから徒歩で5分に「道路沿いしか歩けない道になりますが、一部は歩行者ゾーンがないから気を付ける必要があります。」素敵な家具工房と家具屋さんの施設があります。


「閑日」のメニューはパンやスイーツがあり、つくね蓮根バーガー、フレンチトーストサンド、ベーコンとオニオンのフォカッチャから選ばれます。 スイーツには各種ケーキやクッキーなどもあります。 飲み物はコーヒー「ハンドドリップやカフェオレ」、各種紅茶と各種ソーダで構成されています。 スープとサラダまたはフライドポテトとサラダのセットランチもあります。




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10‐1 Yono, Toyono, Toyono District, Osaka 563-0219
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