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Calling all fries lovers out there! We have found the place for you. Please say hi to "De Frites Staan", an authentic Dutch/Belgian potato fries and craft beer specialty café located in central Kyoto. The café sits conveniently on three minutes from Hankyu Kyoto Line - Kawaramachi Station right next to the Teramachi shopping street making it easily accessible even when coming from Osaka.

The café has a stylish exterior with wainscot molded frames around the door and around the large window where customers can view directly into the kitchen and see the delicious food being prepared. Entering inside you will find a narrow passage that passes along the kitchen where customers pass through and have to order first. After you made your order you can choose to take out or eat in, if you decide to eat in you can walk to the narrow but cozy bar space in the back that offers counter seats for four or two standing tables. Behind the bar you can see a line up of taps that supply the various draft beers. The small space is decorated with photos of the owner's trip to Holland and Belgium and has a large TV for showing sports events.

The menu offers two main dishes, "Signature frites Kyoto" (which is a sukiyaki inspired dish topped with sweet and salty beef, onions, Kujo green onions, hot spring eggs, original mayonnaise and shichimi) and "frites regular 2 dips" (which is a large bowl of Dutch style fries with two dips). There are various dips customers can choose from including "classic (original mayonnaise), aioli (mayonnaise and garlic), samurai (mayonnaise & chili pepper), andalouse (mayonnaise & tomato), zure (mayonnaise & sour cream), vegan (vegan mayonnaise), truffle (mayonnaise and truffle), umami (mayonnaise & soup stock), gouda cheese (shaved gouda cheese), some of which will cost a small extra fee. The mayonnaise is original, made by the owner himself and for the fries, the owner had a custom fries machine made that resembles the authentic Dutch machines. The fries are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and go perfect with one of the craft beers.

De Frites Staan is a stylish fries and craft beer cafe, conveniently located near Kawaramachi Station, that offers a variety of toppings on super delicious fries that can be enjoyed in a cozy setting.

フライドポテトがだーい好きの皆さん、お知らせです!とても良いフライドポテトのカフェを見つけました。京都の中心に、本格的のオランダ・ベルギーのフライドポテトとクラフトビールの専門カフェ、「De Frites Staan」があります。カフェは寺町商店街のすぐそばにあり、阪急京都線河原町駅から徒歩3分の便利な場所なので大阪から来る際にもアクセスしやすい場所です。


メニューには、メインディッシュが二つあります。「Signature frites Kyoto」(すき焼きをイメージした料理で、甘辛い牛肉、玉ねぎ、九条ネギ、温泉卵、オリジナルマヨネーズ、七味がトッピングされています)と「frites regular 2 dips」(2つのディップが付いたオランダ風のフライ)です。クラシック(オリジナルマヨネーズ)、アイオリ(マヨネーズとニンニク)、サムライ(マヨネーズと唐辛子)、アンダルーズ(マヨネーズとトマト)、ズーレ「オランダ語で酸っぱいという意味です」(マヨネーズとサワークリーム)、ヴィーガン(ヴィーガンマヨネーズ)、トリュフ(マヨネーズとトリュフ)、旨味(マヨネーズと出汁)、ゴーダチーズ(削られたゴーダチーズ)など、さまざまなディップから選ぶことができます。一部は追加料金がかかります。マヨネーズは、オーナーがオリジナルの手作りであり、フライについては、本格的のオランダのフライマシンをオーダーメイドなものだそうです。ポテトフライはカリカリで中はホカホカで、クラフトビールとの相性も抜群です

De Frites Staanは、阪急河原町駅の近くて、アクセスしやすい、スタイリッシュなカフェですが、フライドポテト好きな方は本格的なオランダのフライドポテトと様々なトッピングまたは様々なクラフトビールがエンジョイ出来るカフェです。




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542ー2 Nakanocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8042
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13:00 - 23:00, Sat&Sun 12:00 - 23:00


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Hankyu Kyoto Line- Kawaramachi Station

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    01:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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    01:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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