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Uguisu [Closed]



On a hop and a jump from Eizan line’s Chayama station in North-East Kyoto is the lovely tea and book café called ‘Uguisu’. Uguisu opened in December of 2019 and means nightingale in Japanese, named after the owner’s favorite bird.

Uguisu is a hidden gem located in a small alley behind a parkinglot on the ground floor of a small house. It has a white exterior with a matte black double door and window frame. The door is quite heavy to open so it needs some gentle force when pulled. Inside you will first enter the entrance area with a counter table and the order counter/kitchen on the left. In the back on an elevated floor you will find the bookstore/café area.
The seating area features a large bookshelf filled with books on the right as well as a table with books in the middle of the café.  Customers can grab and read a book freely but are also allowed to bring their own book. Along the wall on the left are small tables and comfortable stools, on the right next to the bookshelf are two larger chairs. That in combination with the counter seats the cafe can seat up to 9 people. The interior uses a lot of dark wood that gives the interior a cozy atmosphere. The café also has small Spanish decorations here and there, memorabilia from when the owner spent time in Spain.
The concept of Uguisu is a 'book reading café' and is ideal for single customers. Customers can talk quietly but it is encouraged to read the book in peace to keep a calm atmosphere inside the café.
The café serves no coffee. It serves mainly tea, some sodas and customers can choose from a small but delicious selection of sweets (cake, pudding, etc) depending on what is on the menu for that day.
Uguisu really is a lovely hidden gem. A book café with a calm atmosphere, super friendly owner and delicious sweets that comes heavily recommended.


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17-10 Tanaka Nishitakaharacho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8241
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Eizan Line - Chayama Station

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