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[CLOSED] cafe books wakusei




Café books wakusei is a stylish little rustic café located in Northern Kyoto on a walking distance from Kyoto's Botanical Gardens and Gardens of Fine art.

Wakusei means planet in Japanese and focusses on tranquility. Giving its customers space to enjoy a book in peace.

It has a simple white stucco exterior with large glass and wood sliding doors.  Entering the café you will be welcomed by a cozy rustic interior. Similar to the exterior, the interior has white stucco walls but with the antique dark walnut furniture it gives the café a cozy atmosphere. The furniture is a combination of Windsor bow back chairs, Taihei Ethan Allen maple dining chairs, an antique wooden desk, a stylish retro heater, plants and of course, books.... a lot of books.

The café has a small menu with a limited selection of foods and drinks but makes up for it with its preparation. The oshibori ((おしぼり or お絞り) hot towel in English, is a wet hand towel offered to customers in places such as restaurants or bars, and used to clean one's hands before eating.) usually delivered wrapped in plastic package is a stylishly rolled up cotton towel which has been soaked into a citrus bath and smells fresh and clean. That alone gives the impression of a café with class.

Every single item on the menu is carefully prepared and delivered to your table. Cinnamon sugar toast that comes with a hardboiled egg, ginger syrup beautifully decorated with dried tankan (a tropical citrus fruit from Okinawa), and so on. All while reading a book and enjoying the quiet atmoshpere.

Café books wakusei has a lovely & cozy rustic interior with beautiful antique furniture that serves delicious and carefully prepared drinks and food, ideal for people who are looking to enjoy reading a book and soak in the quiet atmosphere.

Interior details: Windsor Bow Back Chair, Taihei Ethan Allen Dining Chairs

first posted on Sep 27, 2021


「カフェブックス ワクセイ」は、京都府立植物園と京都府立陶板名画の庭から徒歩で10分以内、京都市北区にあるスタイリッシュでラスティックなカフェです。





「カフェブックス ワクセイ」は、ラスティックで居心地の良いインテリアで、美しいアンティーク家具を使って、丁寧に調理されたおいしいドリンクや料理を提供しています。本を読んだり、静かな雰囲気に浸ったりしたい方にはとてもおすすめです。


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28-4 Shimogamo Nishihangicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-0827
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Karasuma Line - KitaOji

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