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[Closed] Park-O-Cafe


Park-O-Cafe, is a hidden gem located in North Takatsuki area.

It's a little bit far from the station so coming here by bicycle or by car is recommended.

Park-O-Cafe has a merely interior with a variety of seating.

The stylish interior is decorated with dry flowers.

They also sell the dry flowers.

From the stylish presentation to the taste, Park-O-Cafe's food is absolutely fantastic. Definitely one of the best out there.

While Park-O-Cafe is pretty far from the station we really recommend visiting this place at least once.


Park Cafe is a little-known spot in Kita Takatsuki.

The shop is a little far from the station, but it is recommended to go by bicycle or car.

The interior of the park cafe is very large and has a variety of seats.

The interior is stylish and decorated with dried flowers.

We also sell dried flowers.

The food at Park Cafe is stylish and insanely delicious.

The park cafe is a little far from the station, but it is recommended to go there at least once. It will be a wonderful memory.

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2 Chome-21 Urado, Takatsuki, Osaka 569-1027
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