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Opened it's doors in 2015, 'Land' is a small bakery located on a 10 minute walk from Jingu-Marutamachi station and named by many people, Japanese and foreign, one of the best bakeries in Kyoto.

It's located on the first floor of a small apartment building on a stonethrow away from Kamo River. Land opens early morning at 08:30 AM but due to it's popularity has people lining up almost 30 minutes before opening.

The bakery is small and is take-out only and sells absolutely delicious prepared sandwiches, bagels and other pastries. Most customers bring the sandwiches home or relax at the nearby Kamo riverbank.
On the menu (which might change) is usually "BLT, baguette sandwich, bagel sandwich" with various toppings of which some can be chosen, they also sell sourdough bread, cinnamon rolls and other delicious pastries.
Land's sandwiches are absolutely the best in Kyoto and a great way to start the day.
Published: March 21 2022
2015年にオープンした「Land ランド」は神宮丸太町駅から徒歩で5分に、日本人と外国人に京都の一番大人なパン屋さんです。


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