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2022/03: Currently this shop is not a café but general goods store with take-out option only. Just in case, we recommend checking the official account of the store before visiting.

Kirsikka-puu is one of the latest newcomers of stylish cafe’s in Ibaraki that has a lovely Scandinavian style interior and is a combination of cafe as well as a Scandinavian goods shop.

With windows above eyesight and the building’s simple white exterior it doesn’t look like a cafe from the outside, but as soon as you set a foot inside you feel like you are in Finland. The warm Finnish interior and Scandinavian goods salute you as you walk through the shop towards the cafe in the back.

Seats along a birch wood counter with windows that from the outside are far above eyesight, provide a good and uninterrupted view (by passerby’s and cars), over the nearby park which in turn gives the cafe a very calm and peaceful atmosphere like you would have in Finland.

Near the entrance and in the middle of the cafe there is a big counter and shelves filled with a wide range of Scandinavian goods that include handmade accessories, tableware, kitchen utilities and other interior goods that are all for sale.

The name Kirsikkapuu means “Cherry blossom tree” in Finnish and was named that way because of the Cherry Blossom tree that is growing right in front of the cafe. It is recommended to visit the cafe in the spring when the Cherry blossom is fully blossoming.

Kirsikkapuu is really a great place where you can relax in peace and sometimes even catch a glimpse of the wonderful “Kamome Shokudo”.


2022/03: 現在はカフェとして営業してませんが、テイクアウトは可能そうです。念のためにお店を訪れ前に公式アカウントを確認して下さい。










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