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[Closed] Denquina To-Go



[Closed] Today we are visiting Karakuen-Guchi, a small upscale town 1 stop from Shukugawa Station between Osaka and Kobe. You might remember Shukugawa for our other recommendation ‘Yorky’s Brunch‘.

On only a 7 minute walk from Karakuen-Guchi station and through a residential neighborhood is ‘Denquina to-go’ a pretty spacious, 2 story cafe, right across from Kitashukugawa Elementary School, so you can’t miss it.

The cafe has a simple square-shaped beige colored exterior with a red brown wooden door post and windowsills with various decorative beer and wine bottles and a few plants.

When you step inside the kitchen and the counter are on the left. The cafe has three areas where you can sit. First floor, near the entrance, in the back near the staircase and on the second floor. The ground floor area has one large table in the middle and some small tables against the wall and a table placed next to the window that looks out on the street in front of the cafe.

Left of the staircase in the back are two somewhat more private tables that can be used. On the second floor is another large table and some small tables that are placed against the windows. On a warm day with the windows open it has a certain French atmosphere.
Denquina To-Go uses and sells mostly produce bought from their partners in the countryside so their food is organic, healthy and above all very delicious.

What stands out is their hospitality. I rushed to get there early in the morning but ended up arriving way too early at 7:20, 40 minutes before opening time. They noticed me and maybe it was my cute smile but they kindly offered me to wait inside. On top of that they even insisted in serving me breakfast. This is something that is extremely rare in Japan which is known for its punctuality.

We heavily recommend visiting Denquina To-Go and it’s lovely surrounding area.

first posted on Feb 7, 2021


「Denquina to-go」は大阪と神戸の間にある素敵なカジュアルフレンチスタイルなカフェです。

阪急神戸線の夙川駅で阪急甲陽線に乗り換えて、 次の駅「苦楽園口駅」から徒歩で7ぐらいに「Denquina to-go」 があります。「Denquina to-go」は結構広くて、2階建てのカフェです。カフェの向こう側に小学校があります。



「Denquina to-go」の食品は主に田舎で購入されてる材料が使われています。店内でもフレッシュな野菜が販売されています。とても美味しいです。

一番良いところは、お店のおもてなし。スタッフはとても優しくて、おもてなしの人たちです。「Denquina to-go」 は本当におすすめです。


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