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[Closed] Asian Rad Afters



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Located in the Shinmachi area, next to Yodobashi and Shinsaibashi is ‘Asian Rad Afters’, an extremely trendy cafe with a unique interior and menu.

Asian Rad Afters started out as a small pop-up shop behind Cafe Sik in July 2018 and quickly garnered popularity due to it’s unique bubble-waffle sweets and it’s aesthetically packed products. The stylish products and the shops unique turquoise colored exterior became a rage amongst instagrammers and amassed thousands of instagram posts and often products sold out before the day was over.

Due to it’s success, Asian Rad Afters moved away from Cafe Sik and opened their very own cafe in the Shinmachi area in early 2019.

Similar to their pop-up shop, the interior and exterior of their cafe in Shinmachi is completely in turquoise combined with stylish golden metal design elements. The cafe is quite small and has only a few seats so it’s recommended to take out instead of eat in.

Asian Rad Afters’s main menu consist of their popular Bubble Waffle sweets, Bubble teas and their stylish paper drinks. Their Bubble Waffle sweets are kind of crepe’s made from warm and soft/crunchy bubble waffles filled with ice cream and various kind of toppings. The great thing about the bubble waffle sweets is, in contrary to the usual crepes, these are packed in plastic wrappings so that the ice-cream doesn’t leak from the bottom on to your clothes.

Besides sweets and drinks the cafe also sells dried flowers and beautifully packed teas.

With the popularity of the cafe still rising, Asian Rad Afters is already expanding abroad with one shop in Singapore planned to open mid 2019 and one to open in Australia in the near future. We can’t wait to visit these shops as well.

first posted on Feb 7,, 2021


四ツ橋と心斎橋のすぐとなりにある新町エレアに、ユーニックのインテリアとメニューでとてもトレンディなカフェ「アジアン ラッド アフターズ」があります。

アジアン ラッド アフターズは2018年の7月にカフェ シックの後ろにポップアップストアをオープンして、バブルワッフルとスタイリッシュの商品の販売でどんどん人気になりました。スタイリッシュな商品とお店のユーニックなターコイズ色のエクステリアはインスタグラムでものすごく流行りまして、何千枚の投稿でよく営業時間内に商品が完売になりました。



アジアン ラッド アフターズのメニューはバブルワッフル、バブルティーとスタイリッシュなペーパードリンクがマインですが他の飲み物もあります。バブルワッフルは柔らかいとクランチでアイスクリームに入ってるクレープみたいなスイーツです。様々なトッピングで種類がわけてます。バブルワッフルのラッピングがプラスチックなので普通のクレープよりアイスクリームが溶けてもしたから服に漏れないから安全に食べれます。




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1 Chome-25-8 Shinmachi, Nishi Ward, Osaka, 550-0013
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